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Tianjin Travel Introduction

     Tianjin is one of China's four major cities directly under the central authorities. It is also one of China's international open coastal port cities. It has a long history and numerous sightseeing, abundant resources, rich culture and blending customs. Tianjin is not only a city with a strong local folk customs, but also a modern city full of energy .
     Famous tourist attractions in Tianjin include the Huangyaguan Great Wall, Baguacheng, Tianpingzhai, Dule Temple of Jixian, Baita and Jingdong First Moutain--Panshan, as well as Ancient Culture Street - South Temple Street and North Temple Street. Besides, other sights have the Great Mercy Temple, Wanghailou churches, Tin Hau Temple, the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign Memorial Hall and the Haihe River. The northern Tianjin Port is the largest artificial port in north of China and it is the main passage from the Pacific to the Eurasian land. In addition, there is also an International Golf Club. All kinds of unique small houses constructed by Tianjin, Tin Tower, Tianjin Dagu Fort Drum have become almost a symbol of Tianjin.
     Tianjin is a commercial port with a long history in China. Now it both has modern, large-scale multi-category range of commercial buildings and of antique shops with characteristics. The most popular shopping areas in Tianjin is Binjiang Avenue Commercial Street and Heping Road Commercial Street. There are Quanyechang, Hualian mall, Department Store, Riverside Building, Jili building, international shopping malls and so on. After night, Binjiang Avenue becomes a night market mainly providing Tianjin favor snack.
     Mentioning Tianjin, one thing must be mentioned is the snack: Goubuli Steamed Bun, 18th Street Mahua, Erduoyan fried cake, Maobuli dumplings. All of them are delicious and unforgettable.
     Tianjin is a famous place of entertainment. There are six famous “Tian”, that is, Tiangong Theater, Tianhuajing theaters, Tianle cinemas, Tianwei ball clubs, Tianlu Teahouse, Tiansheng theaters and so on. They are the largest shopping and entertainment places in Tianjin Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Tianjin.

Ancient Culture Street
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