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Qingdao Travel Introduction

     Qingdao's tourist is in development. For the beautiful moutains and waters, Qingdao is favored as a tourist summer resort. The blue sky with the blue sea in Qingdao rouses people's longing for travelling there. Qingdao has the best sea bathing spot and the earliest Ocean Aquarium in China.
     Qingdao has Asia's largest sand beach - the first beach. It can accommodate tens of thousands of people to swim. Visitors could enjoy the cool as well as the beautiful scenery of the beach. Laoshan is standing beside the sea. Thus, the sea and mountain connects and shows a great beauty. Ever since ancient times, it is a holy place. BA DA Guan Scenic Area, Qingdao, can fully embody the features "red green trees, water, blue sky". BA DA Guan has shady trees, blooming flowers, and the trees in the city "Cedar". It is evergreen, and cool in summer while snow wrapped in winter. Within this area, there are lots of the construction in architectural styles of the Russia, Britain, France and other countries. It is famous as the "Architecture Exposition".In Zhongshan Park, there is plenty of cherry. It is said that apart from Japan, here in this park, cherry blossoms are most thickly planted. Every year in mid-April when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, tourists will be attracted from all over the country. Small Qingdao Pier Park and was seen as a symbol of Qingdao.
     Qingdao is located by the side of the Yellow Sea, and its cuisine is mainly based on seafood. The seafood has high nutritional value, and also it is delicious. Thus, if one has not tasted seafood in Qingdao, one will have regret. This is already public knowledge to all tourists. The best seasons to enjoy seafood in Qingdao are in the spring and summer. At that time, the seafood could taste tender and plump. Besides, Qingdao is rich in snack from all over the characteristics of Shandong cuisine and Qingdao local seafood snacks. Together with the famous Tsingtao beer, a unique style of snacks is shaped. The best time to visit Qingdao is in the annual summer and fall. And the most one could not miss is the Annual Qingdao Beer Festival (mid-August opening of the first Saturday for a period of 16 days).

Small Qingdao Park
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