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Nanjing Travel Introduction

     Once being the capitals of six dynasties, Nanjing is with a long history over 6,000 years. Along with Beijing, Xi'an and Luoyang, Nanjing is described as "Four famous acient capitals". Nowadays, Nanjing has even shining with brand new charm as a "green capital and cultural city".
     Nanjing is surrounded by mountains and waters. Thus, this city is integrated together with the nature. The great nature granted Nanjing with rare beautiful location while the history left brilliant culture.The vicissitudes of this ancient city murmurs and Zhong Moutain, Qixia Moutain are winding silently. Besides, other sights include Xuanwu Lake, Mochouhu, Zhongshan Tomb, Mingxiao Tomb, Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River are all fairy famous in China.
     Nanjing Yun Brocade is known as the "living fossil" of Chinese brocade. Together with "National Treasure" Rain Flower Stone, it is now representative of Nanjing tourist products. The delicious Qinhuai flavor snack and salt duck are also very famous all over the world.
     The best season to visit Nanjing is in spring or autumn. Every year from February and March, flowers in Nanjing will bloom. The first sort is Mei Flower, and then comes Peach flower, cherry, tulip, begonia, and peony. By then, the weather is fairy pleasant and the sights of flower is very delighting.

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