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HangzhouHotels location classification
  • Hangzhou Peace International Conference & Exhibition Center

  • Zhejiang World Trade Center

  • Chengzhan Train Station

  • East Railway Station

  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

  • Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center

  • Feilaifeng of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou

  • Hangzhou Xixi national wetland park

  • Hangzhou Liu He Pagoda

  • Hu Pao Meng Quan

  • Su Di Chun Xiao

  • Lei Feng Xi Zhao

  • Hangzhou World Leisure Expo Park

  • Zhejiang Provincial Museum

  • Hangzhou Botanical Garden

  • Zhejiang Sci Tech University

  • The Imperial Grand Canal

  • Yan'an Road Wulin Square

  • He Fangjie Wushan Square

  • Eastern Bus Station

  • Western Bus Station

  • Southern Bus Station

  • North Bus Station

  • Si Ji Qing Clothing Market

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    Capital of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is a well-known tourist city at home and abroad. It lies on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River and is the southern end of the l,794-kilometre-long Grand Canal (Beijing-Hangzhou Canal).
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    Hangzhou District Hotels: Binjiang Fuyang Gongshu Jiande Jianggan Linan Shangcheng Tonglu Xiacheng Xiaoshan Xihu Yuhang

    Hangzhou Zhejiang Hotel Map Hangzhou Zhejiang Hotel    
    Hangzhou Zhejiang Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Elaborate Twin Room 91.00 USDBook

    The hotel is 35km from the airport, 3km from the railway station and 800 meters from the West Lake - Zhejiang Hotel is located in Hangzhou, a city which is known as one of China's seven ancient capitals, historical and cultural relics, and key tourist cities.Conveniently located, completely equipped, and guest-oriented, it is an ideal choice for your accommodation and recreation.

    Culture Plaza Hotel, Hangzhou Map Culture Plaza Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Culture Plaza Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Business Single Room 43.00 USDBook
    Business Big Bed Room 58.00 USDBook
    Business Standard Room 58.00 USDBook

    It is about 3kms to the Wulin Square and downtown. About 5kms to the West Lake. About 9kms to the Railway Station. About 30km to the Airport. - The Hotel is located in the north sideline of Xizihu, educational zones and high-tech development zones in Hangzhou, Wulinmen adjacent municipal buildings and commercial centres, only 20 minutes away from the train station, traffic is very convenient.

    St.Rich Hotel, Hangzhou Map St.Rich Hotel, Hangzhou    
    St.Rich Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Fashion Room 57.00 USDBook
    Fashion Room 58.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Room 66.00 USDBook

    To the airport: 25km To the railway station: 1.5km To downtown: 0.5km Surroundings: West Lake - St. Rich Hotel is a luxury business hotel located in the bustling commercial center of Hangzhou, near the beautiful West Lake and adjacent to the railway station. The hotel also provides a warm and comfortable business area for the convenience of receiving visitors, surfing online, and reading.

    Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel Map Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel    
    Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Room 80.00 USDBook
    Executive Standard Room 95.00 USDBook
    Executive Big Bed Room 95.00 USDBook

    - Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel is a well-known large scale four star foreign-tourism-related hotel belonging to Government Offices Administration of Zhejiang.Located in central Hangzhou next to the civic center and Jing-Hang Grand Canal, the hotel is 2.5 km from the West Lake and 30 km from the international airport with superior geographic location and convenient transport.

    Xinqiao Hotel Map Xinqiao Hotel    
    Xinqiao Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Superior Single Room 58.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 58.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 65.00 USDBook

    Town Centre 3 Km - Railway Station 1.5 Km - Airport 30 Km - Port 1.5 Km Surrounding Landscape: West Lake, Leifeng Tower, Jing Temple - A Sino-Foreign joint venture, the Xinqiao Hotel is a 4-star hotel perfectly located in the commercial centre of Hangzhou City with the West Lake only minutes away.

    Huachen Kenzo Hotel Hangzhou Map Huachen Kenzo Hotel Hangzhou    
    Huachen Kenzo Hotel Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Preferential Twin Room 40.00 USDBook
    Preferential Big Bed Room 40.00 USDBook
    Normal Suite 98.00 USDBook

    Distance from the airport ( Km ): 6 Distance from the railway station ( Km ): 5, distance from the airport:25, to east railway station:1km - Huachen·Kenzo Hotel Hangzhou, standing at No.344, Xintang Road, is established by Hangzhou Huachen Tourism Group Co., Ltd. It is a 3-star foreign hotel engaged in accommodation, restaurant, entertainment, conference, travel and shopping, etc

    Sophia Hotel Hangzhou Map Sophia Hotel Hangzhou    
    Sophia Hotel Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Superior Room Included Two Breakfast 84.00 USDBook
    Executive Big Bed Room 108.00 USDBook
    Executive Big Bed Room 116.00 USDBook

    The surrounding environment: the Southern Song Dynasty site museum, Hefang Street, Drum Tower, Wushan Square, the former residence of Hu Xueyan, Southern Song Imperial Street, West Lake Scenic Area 25km from the Xiaoshan airport ,30 minutes by taxi about 80 yuan 3km from Hangzhou Railway Station 9 km from Hangzhou Railway Station 4 km from bus south station 3km from Long Bridge Park, Pagoda - Sophia Hotel Hangzhou is located in No.11 Shangcang Bridge,Hangzhou, close to the famous site of the South Song Dynasty Imperial Park, Zhongshan Road South song Imperial Street, the former residence of Hu Xueyan, is a collection of rooms, business, conference, catering and entertainment services in one of the high star standard boutique business hotel.

    Sunny Huansha Hotel, Hangzhou Map Sunny Huansha Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Sunny Huansha Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 39.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 39.00 USDBook
    Superior Big Bed Room 53.00 USDBook

    To airport: 30km, to railway station: 2km, to downtown center: 0km; Surround landscape: West Lake - The hotel is a subsidy of the Zhejiang Tobacco Import & Export CO., LTD. The hotel is located HUbin entertainment square, business & trade center, Wushan square, Yongjin Square, well-known Xihu. There is only 800m from the train station. The transportation is convenient. It is a combination of lodging, catering, conference, business, entertainment and shopping. It is the ideal place for business and leisure.

    Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou Map Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Superior Twin Room 153.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 173.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Room 186.00 USDBook

    The Dragon Hotel is 2-kilometers away from city center; 7 kilometers away from railway station; 14 kilometers from airport; It is within walking distance to the scenic West Lake. - The scenic beauty of Hangzhou centres upon the famous West Lake (within walking distance), whose tree-covered islands and gleaming surface provide a glorious looking-glass for the room.

    Hangzhou Capital Star Hotel Map Hangzhou Capital Star Hotel    
    Hangzhou Capital Star Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Executive Big Bed Room 72.00 USDBook
    Executive Standard Room 72.00 USDBook
    Executive Big Bed Room Included Two Breakfast 79.00 USDBook

    About 35 km to the Airport. About 7 km to the Railway Station. About 4 km to West Lake. Only 2 km to the city center. only 1.5 km to the port. - The hotel is located at the north of the city, close to the Wulin Square. Free use of broadband internet access in all rooms.

    Haiwaihai International Hotel, Hangzhou Map Haiwaihai International Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Haiwaihai International Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Standard Room 72.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 72.00 USDBook

    from the city center: 8 KM; from the railway station: 15 KM; from the airport: 35 KM - Haiwaihai International Hotel is established according to the 4 star hotel. It is a new business hotel.

    Xin Ding Garden Hotel, Hangzhou Map Xin Ding Garden Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Xin Ding Garden Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Twin Room(No window) 52.00 USDBook
    Standard Big Bed Room(No window) 52.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room(No window) 54.00 USDBook

    Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport: 32km; City center (Wulin Square): 3km; Hangzhou City Station-Railway Station: 4km; Hangzhou East Railway Station: 7km; Hangzhou South Railway Station: 25km; Hubin: 1km. - Xin Ding Garden Hotel is located beside the West Lake; situated in No.135 Yan'an Road which is the center of business, culture, finance and transportation. This hotel is adjacent to Wushan Square and Hefang Street, western to West Lake, northern to Wulin Road-Woman's Street; about 30 minutes drive to Xiaoshan International Airport, and 2 muntes walking to West Lake. It has convenient location.

    Hangzhou Haiwaihai Nachuang Hotel Map Hangzhou Haiwaihai Nachuang Hotel    
    Hangzhou Haiwaihai Nachuang Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Room(Twin Bed) 49.00 USDBook
    Normal Big Bed Room 50.00 USDBook
    Standard Room(Twin Bed) 57.00 USDBook

    Hangzhou Haiwaihai Nachuang Hotel locates on Shixiang road which is an important commercial part on North of City, near Hangzhou Motor City and Hangzhou North Coach Station and situates at the key path that you go to Qiandaohu lake and Yellow Mountain from Shanghai and Nanjing. It is 50mins by driving from hotel to Xiaoshan Airport and 20mins by driving to West lake scenic district and Wulin Square. - Hangzhou Haiwaihai Nachuang Hotel which belongs to Hangzhou Haiwaihai Group, has an area of 28,000 square meters and is constructed as standard of 4 star.

    Redstar Culture Hotel Hangzhou Map Redstar Culture Hotel Hangzhou    
    Redstar Culture Hotel Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Single Room 46.00 USDBook
    Superior Standard Room 50.00 USDBook
    Preferential Big Bed Room 53.00 USDBook

    Distance from Centre of city 4 Km, from the Airport 30 Km, from the Railway Station 0.5 Km - The Redstar Culture Hotel (Hongxin wenhua dasha) is an elegant hotel combine with a theater. Located at the most prosperous area-Hangzhou Railway Station Square, the hub of business, culture and traffic, the building is only 3 minutes drive to the beautiful West Lake.The Redstar Culture Hotel (Hongxin wenhua dasha) is an elegant hotel combine with a theater.

    Wuyang Hotel,Hangzhou Map Wuyang Hotel,Hangzhou    
    Wuyang Hotel,Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 63.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 63.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 66.00 USDBook

    From the airport 30 km -away from the railway station 1 km -2 km from the city center - It is only 3 kilometers from the Wulin Business District, 30 minutes by car from the Xiaoshan International Airport, and 5 minutes from the Hanghzou Train Station.It has a view of beautiful West Lake.To West Lake scenic area only three minutes, the shopping center adjacent to Hangzhou Building, Yintai Department Stores.

    Holiday Inn, Hangzhou Map Holiday Inn, Hangzhou     Wireless Internet
    Holiday Inn, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Holiday Superior Suite Included Two Breakfast 171.00 USDBook

    3kms from the railway station. 10kms from the airport. 1km from the city center. - The Holiday Inn, Hangzhou is located at the cross-junction of Fengqi and North Jianguo Road, slated as Hangzhou's business center, just 3kms from Hangzhou Train Station.

    Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Xiaoshan Map Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Xiaoshan    
    Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Xiaoshan
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Twin Room 67.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 67.00 USDBook
    Business Big Bed Room 74.00 USDBook

    - 19 km to Xiaoshan International Airport; - 39 km to south railway station; - 46 km to Hangzhou railway station. - The Ramada Plaza Xiaoshan is located inside Linjiang Industrial Park at the intersection of Hongshiwu Line and Shiji Avenue. It is 19 kilometers from Xiaoshan International Airport. Opened in 2011, the hotel with 3-story building and 6-story annexed building features 170 rooms and suites. The hotel also provides swimming pool, fitness facilities, billiards, snooker, ping-pong room, sauna, foot spa, karaoke room, Chinese restaurant and western restaurant. Conference facilities include ballroom, meeting rooms and business center.

    Garden Hotel Hangzhou Map Garden Hotel Hangzhou    
    Garden Hotel Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Business Twin Room 52.00 USDBook
    Business Twin Room 52.00 USDBook
    Standard Single Room 56.00 USDBook

    distance from airport 35km, from railway station 30 km, from centre 25km - The hotel is conveniently located in the Linping area of Hangzhou, about thirty minutes' drive from the famous West Lake as are of the Xiaoshan International Airport.It is in the central communication line of the major cities in the Eastern China .

    Hangzhou Wan Hotel Map Hangzhou Wan Hotel    
    Hangzhou Wan Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room A 43.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room A 43.00 USDBook
    Standard Room B 54.00 USDBook

    It is 2km from Qianjiang New Town ,4.5km from the West Lake ,23km from the Airport ,1km from the east bus station and east railway station and only 3km from Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway off-ramp. - Hangzhouwan Hotel is a Four-star hotel located in Jianggan Hangzhou .We are close to Hangzhou CBD and just 30 minutes from Hangzhou International Airport.

    Jinma Palace, Hangzhou Map Jinma Palace, Hangzhou    
    Jinma Palace, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 79.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 79.00 USDBook
    Superior Big Bed Room 79.00 USDBook

    To the airport: 20km To Wulin Square: 20km To Chengzhan Railway station: 17km To Xiaoshan Downtown: 20km - This Hangzhou hotel is famous for its elegant and spacious lobby which is surrounded by a three-story atrium, a fish pool, an exquisite marble bridge, flowers, small plants as well as jade and stone carvings

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