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HangzhouHotels location classification
  • Hangzhou Peace International Conference & Exhibition Center

  • Zhejiang World Trade Center

  • Chengzhan Train Station

  • East Railway Station

  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

  • Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center

  • Feilaifeng of Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou

  • Hangzhou Xixi national wetland park

  • Hangzhou Liu He Pagoda

  • Hu Pao Meng Quan

  • Su Di Chun Xiao

  • Lei Feng Xi Zhao

  • Hangzhou World Leisure Expo Park

  • Zhejiang Provincial Museum

  • Hangzhou Botanical Garden

  • Zhejiang Sci Tech University

  • The Imperial Grand Canal

  • Yan'an Road Wulin Square

  • He Fangjie Wushan Square

  • Eastern Bus Station

  • Western Bus Station

  • Southern Bus Station

  • North Bus Station

  • Si Ji Qing Clothing Market

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    Capital of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is a well-known tourist city at home and abroad. It lies on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River and is the southern end of the l,794-kilometre-long Grand Canal (Beijing-Hangzhou Canal).
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    Hangzhou District Hotels: Binjiang Fuyang Gongshu Jiande Jianggan Linan Shangcheng Tonglu Xiacheng Xiaoshan Xihu Yuhang

    Wuyang Hotel,Hangzhou Map Wuyang Hotel,Hangzhou    
    Wuyang Hotel,Hangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Standard Twin Room 64.00 USDBook
    Bunisess Twin Room 78.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Executive Twin Room 86.00 USDBook

    From the airport 30 km -away from the railway station 1 km -2 km from the city center - It is only 3 kilometers from the Wulin Business District, 30 minutes by car from the Xiaoshan International Airport, and 5 minutes from the Hanghzou Train Station.It has a view of beautiful West Lake.To West Lake scenic area only three minutes, the shopping center adjacent to Hangzhou Building, Yintai Department Stores.

    Holiday Inn, Hangzhou Map Holiday Inn, Hangzhou    
    Holiday Inn, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Executive Big Bed Room Included Two Breakfast 128.00 USDBook
    Executive Big Bed Room Included Two Breakfast 131.00 USDBook
    Holiday Superior Suite Included Two Breakfast 181.00 USDBook

    3kms from the railway station. 10kms from the airport. 1km from the city center. - The Holiday Inn, Hangzhou is located at the cross-junction of Fengqi and North Jianguo Road, slated as Hangzhou's business center, just 3kms from Hangzhou Train Station.

    Voice Of Nature Holiday Hotel, Hangzhou Map Voice Of Nature Holiday Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Voice Of Nature Holiday Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 80.00 USDBook
    Superior Big Bed Room 88.00 USDBook

    only 5 minutes walk away from the center of Hangzhou Wulin Square, 3km from West Lake, 30 km from airport. - Voice Of Nature Holiday Hotel is in the beautiful nature's paradise - Hangzhou, located in Hangzhou most prosperous business Wulin circle, only 5 minutes walk away from the center of Hangzhou Wulin Square, with the Hangzhou Culture Plaza across the street. .

    Hena Hotel, Hangzhou Map Hena Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Hena Hotel, Hangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 54.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 57.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 57.00 USDBook

    Hotel is locate in the Youngor Mansion. 100 meters from subway line 1 and Wulin Square; 1km from West Lake Scenic Spot; 4km from Hangzhou City Railway Station; 30km from Xiaoshan International Airport; 300 meters from Wulinmen Airport Bus site. - Hangzhou Hena Hotel is a design-type boutique Urban hotel, located in the center city- Wulin Square, near the Intime department store, 100 meters from subway line 1; adjacent to the beautiful West Lake, Yanan Road, Wulin business circle. The superior geographical position will bring the best experience for your business, tourism and shopping.

    Hangzhou Tower Hotel Map Hangzhou Tower Hotel    
    Hangzhou Tower Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room Included One Breakfast 108.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 117.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 132.00 USDBook

    Conveniently located in the heart of Hangzhou's Wulin Square and financial district, 5kms from the railway station and 12kms from the airport. - The Hangzhou Tower is located at Wulin Square, the bustling commercial and culture area of the city.

    Hangzhou Wanhua Guoji Hotel Map Hangzhou Wanhua Guoji Hotel    
    Hangzhou Wanhua Guoji Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Big Bed Room 54.00 USDBook
    Twin Room 54.00 USDBook
    Big Bed Room 61.00 USDBook

    - 50km to Xiaoshan International Airport; - 8km to Chengzhan Railway Station; - 4km to North Coach Station; - 3.5km to Wulinmen; - 2km to Heping Convention Center. -

    Hangzhou Xihu Wendemu Zhizun Haoting Hotel Map Hangzhou Xihu Wendemu Zhizun Haoting Hotel    
    Hangzhou Xihu Wendemu Zhizun Haoting Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Deluxe Room 130.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Room Included Two Breakfast 162.00 USDBook
    Lake-View Room Included Two Breakfast 175.00 USDBook

    - 1 km to Wulin Plaza; - 4 km to Chengzhan Railway Station; - 5 km to East Railway Station; - 6 km to South Coach Station; - 6 km to Lingyin Temple. - 8 km to West Coach Station; - 31 km to Xiaoshan Airport - The Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou (Hangzhou Xihu Wendemu Zhizunhaoting Dajiudian) is located at the intersection of West Huancheng Road and Fengqi Road, within easy reach of Hubin and Wulin commercial areas. Only a five-minute walk sees guests to Hangzhou's best known attraction West Lake.

    Chaowang Hotel - Hangzhou Map Chaowang Hotel - Hangzhou    
    Chaowang Hotel - Hangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Standard Room B 46.00 USDBook
    Standard Room B Included Two Breakfast 50.00 USDBook
    Business Big Bed Room Included Two Breakfast 51.00 USDBook

    Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 7.41 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 48 km Downtown Wulin Square 3.8 km - Located at the intersection of South Hushu Road and Chaowang Road, the Chao Wang Hotel (Chaowang Dajiudian) offers guests proximity to the Wulinmen business center. From the hotel, direct buses see guests to the railway station and bus station. Hangzhou's top attraction, the West Lake is a mere ten-minute drive away.

    Huayue International Hotel - Hangzhou Map Huayue International Hotel - Hangzhou    
    Huayue International Hotel - Hangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Bunisess Twin Room Included Two Breakfast 59.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room Included Two Breakfast 59.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room Included Two Breakfast 62.00 USDBook

    Railway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 9 km Railway Station Xiaoshan Railway Station 25.92 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 39.19 km Downtown Wulin Square 6 km - Situated on Huafeng Road, the Hangzhou Huayue International Hotel (Hangzhou Huayue Guoji Jiudian) is a 40-minute drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Downtown Hangzhou and Hangzhou Railway Station are 6 km (3.7 mi) and 9 km (5.6 mi) away respectively.

    Zhejiang International Hotel, Hangzhou Map Zhejiang International Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Zhejiang International Hotel, HangzhouThe Zhejiang Intercontinental Hotel is located 28kms from the airport and 3kms from the railway station, to city center:0km. Its surrounding landscape : Zhejiang gymnasium, Hangzhou silk market - The Zhejiang Intercontinental Hotel is located 10kms from the airport and 3kms from the railway station.

    Hangzhou Radow Jiali Hotel Map Hangzhou Radow Jiali Hotel    
    Hangzhou Radow Jiali Hotel2km from Gongdi, Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden, Impression West Lake, Evergreen Park; 15minutes' walking distance from Lingyin, Xi Xi Wetland Park; 5km from Hangzhou train station; 35km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Away from Xiaoshan international airport:45km - The Radow Jiali Hotel is located near the West Lake Culture Square in Hangzhou, overlooking the Ancient Canal. Nearby attractions include Peace International Convention Center and Wulin Square. It is 35 kilometers from Xiaoshan International Airport.

    New Xilai Hotel Hanghzou Map New Xilai Hotel Hanghzou    
    New Xilai Hotel Hanghzou35km from Xiaoshan International Airport; 8km from Hangzhou Railway Station; 6km from North bus station. - New Xilai Hotel is located in the commercial district with convenient transport. It is just several kms away from Hu-Hang-Yong Freeway, 104 National Highway and Hangzhou Ring Road, 5 kms away from the famous West Lake, 8 kms away from Hangzhou Railway Station and 35 kms away from Xiaoshan Airport.

    Hangzhou Hongdu Hotel Map Hangzhou Hongdu Hotel    
    Hangzhou Hongdu HotelAway from the airport: 30 km; from the railway station: 4 km; from the town center: 1km West Lake, Education Building, Tianhe Building, Peace block, Taoyuan New Village, Wenjin Building B, Xiucai Chinese medicine hospital, Wangxiang Garden, Bailu clothes market, city government - Hangzhou Hongdu Hotel is located in the downtown district of Wulin Square, which is a living, food, travel, purchase, entertainment and other services into one comprehensive foreign-related hotels. 100 meters away from the right side of hotel is the largest commercial shopping area, the front is a modern city government building. The left is the seat of the provincial government, and it only 10 minutes' walking to reach the world-famous beautiful West Lake.

    Elan Inn-Hangzhou Zhaohui Branch Map Elan Inn-Hangzhou Zhaohui Branch    
    Elan Inn-Hangzhou Zhaohui BranchTo downtown: 3.5km To Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport: 40km To Hangzhou Chengzhan Railway Station: 7km To Hangzhou East Railway Station: 3km - Elan Inn-Zhaohui Hangzhou is located in commercial center of the east of the city. The superior geographical position is close to Peace International Convention & Exhibition Center and east railway station in hangzhou. It also surrounding with a lot of buildings,such as a large supermarket and specialized restaurants, with complete supporting facilities for health, amusement and leisure activities. It takes 5 minutes by car to the Canal Culture Square and Wulin Business District, also is convenient to West lake scenic spots.

    Vienna Hotel(Hangzhou Wulin Square) Map Vienna Hotel(Hangzhou Wulin Square)     Wireless Internet
    Vienna Hotel(Hangzhou Wulin Square)31km from Xiaoshan International Airport, you can take airport bus to Wulin Square; 7km from Hangzhou Raiway Station; 24.6km from Hangzhou South Raiway Station; 8km from Hangzhou South Bus Terminal; 1.2km from Wulin Square. - Vienna Hotel( Hangzhou Wulin Square ) is located on Wenhui road in the Xiacheng District of Hangzhou, close to West Lake Culture Square, Wulin Square, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, West Lake Landscape and Hangzhou Business Street. The hotel features a banquet hall, business center, karaoke, dancing and singing lounge, sauna club and dining center.

    Hangzhou Jinyuan Hotel Map Hangzhou Jinyuan Hotel    
    Hangzhou Jinyuan HotelTo Xiaoshan Airport: 30km To Hangzhou Railway Station: 2.5km To downtown: 0km To West Lake: 2km - Hangzhou Jinyuan Hotel is situated at the Hangzhou commercial finance center core region, the junction of Qingchun Road and Zhongshan North Road, close to the West Lake, with excellent location and is very accessible.

    Jasmine Jinyuan international Hotel, Hangzhou Map Jasmine Jinyuan international Hotel, Hangzhou    
    Jasmine Jinyuan international Hotel, HangzhouHangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport: 40 km ; Downtown(Wulin Square) : 9 km ; Hangzhou Railway Station: 10 km ; Hangzhou East Railway Station: 9 km ; West Lake :10 km ; - The Hangzhou Jasmine International Hotel (Hangzhou Molihua Guoji Dajiudian) is located on Beijingyuan Central Plaza, near the intersection of Huilong Road and the northern end of Dongxin Road.

    Hangzhou Heping Hotel Map Hangzhou Heping Hotel    
    Hangzhou Heping Hotel - The Hangzhou Peace Hotel (Hangzhou Heping Fandian) is located in downtown Hangzhou, near Wulin Square and the Peace Convention and Exhibition Center.

    Hangzhou Xidebao Hotel Map Hangzhou Xidebao Hotel    
    Hangzhou Xidebao HotelRailway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 4.15 km Railway Station Xiaoshan Railway Station 25 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 20 km Downtown Wulin Square 2 km - Free broadband downtown near Wulinmen SquareThe Xidebao Hotel (Xidebao Binguan) is located in downtown Hangzhou near Wulinmen Square.

    Jinyao Holiday Hotel - Hangzhou Map Jinyao Holiday Hotel - Hangzhou    
    Jinyao Holiday Hotel - HangzhouRailway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 8 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 30 km Downtown Wulin Square 10 km - Solid meeting facilities 10km from West LakeThe Jinyao Holiday Hotel (Jinyao Jiari Dajiudian) is a business hotel located in Xiacheng District, about 10 km from Hangzhou's top sight, West Lake.

    Hangzhou Garden Hotel Map Hangzhou Garden Hotel    
    Hangzhou Garden Hotel - Located on North Zhongshan Road in the vicinity of Wulin Square, the Hangzhou Huayuan Hotel (Hangzhou Huayuan Binguan) is only a ten-minute drive from the West Lake scenic area.

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