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Suzhou Travel Introduction

     Suzhou is China's famous historical and cultural cities, beautiful scenery here has always been to, the world-famous gardens and elegant, Suzhou Classical Gardens history can be traced back to seven thousand years ago, Inside there are 487 cultural relics, including 15 national, provincial 101.
     The China sole preserve of the most complete water gate - Panmen is situated in the Panmen Scenic Area of the Suzhou ancient city. Suzhou is East Water City, still located at the site of the Spring and Autumn Period, general maintain a " water and land parallel, river next street" double chessboard pattern and the "small bridge, flowing water, people" of the ancient village, is an example of Jiangnan Yangtze River.
     Classical Gardens of Suzhou city is the world's cultural and art treasures, has "Jiangnan Jiatianxia garden, a garden in Suzhou Jiangnan" reputation, this embodies the essence of Oriental gardening. Now it has 69 Classical Gardens, China's four famous garden, there is Zhuozhengyuan, Lingering Garden in Suzhou. Zhuozhengyuan, Lingering Garden, Huanxiu Villa, Wangshiyuan, Lion Forest Garden, yipu garden, Ouyuan Garden, Canglangting, The Longmen Caves have been listed by UNESCO as "World Heritage List". Suzhou gardens are the house and gardens, refined and elegance ,built by the nobles, eunuch and wealthy businessmen and so on. Hidden gardens of Suzhou, which combines the Taoism, Buddha and Confucian three sect ideas, with rocks, water, flowers, trees, construction and other basic elements recycling the microcosm of nature, it has rich cultural connotation. Suzhou garden art can fully represent the Chinese people's wisdom, it unrivaled the high attainments, “Just as there is paradise in heaven, ther are Suzhou and hangzhou in earth”, Suzhou can get “paradise” to a large extent because it has a number of national and world-renowned classical gardens.
     Geographically, Suzhou is advantageously located at the northern edge of the subtropical zone. It has a clear distinction of 4 seasons in a year. The temperature in April is not very stable, fast heat up, but often appears lower than 0 ℃" late spring coldness” weather, June is rainy season , July is the hottest month of the year. Thus, it’s better to travel to Suzhou from January to April. At the beginning of February and the end of January, flowers around Suzhou is blooming, a variety of flowers will bloom one after another, until enter June this time Suzhou will have another style.
     The traditional performing arts of Suzhou are best represented by the Kunqu Opera, Suzhou Opera and Ballad singing, reputed both in China and overseas for their minute acting and harmonic melody. Kunqu Opera is "the human oral and intangible heritage"; Su embroidery and Xiang, Shu and Yue embroidery and that "the four famous embroidery", Tapestry Weaving, jade carving, Clay, Song Brocade, woodcut and other Skilled crafts are quite famous. Ancient temple, ancient pagoda, ancient bridge and classical architecture has extreme high history status.

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