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Zhoushan Travel Introduction

     Zhoushan City is located in Zhoushan Islands in Zhejiang Province. It is located in China's southeast coast, south of the Yangtze River estuary, and Hangzhou Bay. While back to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other medium-sized cities, and Yangtze River Delta, Zhoushan is facing the Pacific Ocean; therefore, it has a strong geographic advantage. Besides, it is squatting along the coast north-south route in China and it is the waterway intersection is the Yangtze River basin and the Yangtze River Delta. Zhoushan is the only city-level administrative divisions of islands. It has two districts and two towns, i.e. Dinghai District, Putuo District, Daishan District, Shengsi District.
     Zhoushan Islands has a long history. It is called “Island in the sea”. In Zhoushan, the summer is cool while the winter’s pleasant. 1390 islands spread all over Zhoushan. Thus, Zhoushan obtains great sights as "City of Thousand Island”. The islands scattering all around like pearls on the East Sea.Meanwhile, there are thousands of sights of Buddhist culture, mountain and sea scenery, and folklore. The most charming are the magnificent waves in the sea, the odd cliffs, the magnificent temple, clean beach of the Golden Sands Resort, the night fishing port light, and the pure fishing family. All of them constitute this unique place. It has become the focus of attention around the world, as summer, health resorts.
     In Zhoushan, there are unique mountain and sea landscape, numerous historical sites and rich tourist resources. Also, there are Buddhist cultural landscapes, military customs history sits, and fisheries landscape. They are mainly distributed in 23 islands. To be specific, at present, Zhoushan now has Putuoshan, Shengsi Scenic spots, Daishan Island and the historical cultural city—Dinghai.
     With the characteristics of “Buddhism, Culture, Seafood, Lesuire”, tourism has become a major pillar industries in Zhoushan. Zhoushan has now integrated Buddhist pilgrimage, sightseeing tour, seafood, coastal sports, environmental cure, leisure vacation, business meetings and other functions. With the excellent geographic conditions and rich tourist resources, good reception facilities, convenient transportation, open-handed hospitality customs, Zhoushan attracts nearly 600 million domestic and foreign tourists every year, and the amount is increasing on the rate of 15 percent per year. So Zhoushan has become one of the most abundant tourism resources in East China and it has become a focal point of the marine tourism.
     Zhoushan is surrounded by the sea so thanks to the regulating of the water, the winter is not cold while the summer is not hot. For the reason of typhoon, it is suggested to take care of the weather forecast ocean information first before visiting Zhoushan.

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