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Lhasa Travel Introduction

     Lhasa is an old city which has more than 1300 years’ history. It not only the capital of the Tibet but also the center of Tibet's politic economy and culture. Lhasa is located in the North bank of the Kyichu River (Lhasa River) in a mountain-fringed valley, its high altitude at 3,650 meters (11,975 feet), it is one of the highest altitude cities in the world. Lhasa is a shrine full of unique allure.
     Lhasa in Tibetan language means the Holy Land or the Buddha Land. Although its high altitude let people feel giddy , surprise, the impressive heritage of over a thousand years of cultural and spiritual history that has helped to create the romantic and mysterious Tibetan religion.
     Lhasa is rich of mystery and vitality, not only has strong sense of the ancient religion castle, ancient temples, ancient ruins, ancient streets everywhere, renowned at home and abroad, but also has the gorgeous landscape, beautiful scenery, majestic mountains which is fascinating, and the Yak dance, Tangka, Zanba, butter tea, Tibetan buns and other local Tibetan styles make people feel a style of unique snow-covered plateau. The city has many sites of historic interest, including the "blue wave of joy" Kat River (Lhasa River), the Potala Palace, Norbu Lingka, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple, Bakuo pedestrian, Ganden Monastery, Chu monastery and so on.In the Holy Land of Lhasa, there are also many exciting traditional festivals, these festivals can not be seen in other places. In particular the Tibetan New Year Festival, Lhasa Xuedun Festial (early July to the Tibetan calendar Fifth), Sagadawa Festival (April 15 Tibetan) is the biggest festival in Lhasa, the celebration of festivals is also very colorful, except for the Tibetan New Year, because aircraft stopped, hotel、shops、business are all closed. The air of Lhasa is very clean, breathing clean air when you are walking in the city as if people can has a far vision, there is no need to shoeshine many days.
     Lhasa is located in the central of Tibetan plateau, at the bottom of a small basin surrounded by mountains, it has flat terrain、mild climate、altitude of 3650 meters and thin air, it’s easy to appear altitude sickness, so it’s better to get ready to oxygen bag, anti-altitude sickness drug and treatment of diarrhea, headache drugs. The annual sunshine time is 3000 hours ,it has reputation of “Solar City”, as result of strong solar radiation, sunscreen (must be high index) ,sunglasses, umbrellas/ hat is also essential, as well as adequate clothing to cope with large temperature difference. The rainy in summer and autumn is the best season for traveling, rainwater landed at night, forming a unique weather “Lhasa a rainy night”

Potala Palace
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