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Dalian Travel Introduction

     Dalian is the marine gateway of northeast China, North China, East China and the whole world. It is also an important port, and a trade, industry and tourism city, which is the center of East Asia business trade, finance, news, travel. Dalian has established business and transport relationship with other 140 countries and areas, it is an ideal transit port in the Europe and Asia, "land bridge". Known as "Northern Hong Kong”. Dalian won the "Habitant of Scroll of Homour Award" issued by the UN in 1999, and Global 500 in Environment issued by the UNEP in 2001 and many national awards in landscaping, environment improvement, sanitation and dwelling, etc.Dalian is "north bright pearl " city by country former chairman Jiang Zemin inscription,Be also that the bureau head of National Tourism Administration is unique "capital of romanticism firmly believing that ". Today, under all citizens hard construction, Dalian "grow high", "become green", "become light" and "not for the most, only the best" has become the common goal of people in Dalian.
     Dalian is China's famous tourist coastal city, surrounded by water and mountain, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, it also a well-known tourism, leisure, health resort in northern China, the Gulf are scattered with rocks, peculiar landforms, make a feature of blue sky, blue sea Pak, black reef seaside scenery, coastal scenery and culture square is the characteristics of Dalian. Dalian has Golden Rock International Tourist Resort, black reef——karst landscape formation of 10 million years ago, as well as Bangchui Island, Xinghai park, Fujiazhuang Bathing Beach, Donghai park, Tiger Beach Ocean Park and so on. The coastline of Dalian stretches for 1906 km. Ten major scenic spots dot the Southern Seaside Scenic Area, in addition to 10 major bathing beaches -- All can be accessed by the Binhai Road. In 1988, the Area was ranked as one of the China''s Major Scenic Areas.
     "Not been to Lushun, as in vain to Dalian," Lushunkou is the largest scenic spots in Dalian ,as well as state-level key scenic spots, national-level nature protected areas, national forest parks and historical and cultural city, not only has natural harbor Lushun port, but also has known as the "Viper kingdom" Snake Island and other attractive natural landscape, a total of eight scenic spots, 72 spots. New Stone Age Remains, Han dynasty shepherd City, Tang Dynasty Honggu Well and modern war remains show a long history.No.139 Xiangyang Street, Lushunkou District: Lushunkou the Russo-Japanese prison remains, is a national key place to be protected, as well as the North East Jiguanshan bastion. Golden Rock International Tourist Resort, Zhuanghe Ice Scenic Area, Sea King Nine Island and the construction of Lotus Lake tourist areas also has a large-scale and characteristics.
     Dalian is neither extremely cold in winter, nor utterly hot in summer, is a well-known summer resort. The main activities has Dalian International Garments Festival, Spring Firework and firecracker festival, Pagoda and International Marathon Race, etc. Integrating the economy, culture and tourism, these world famous areas and events have created immense business opportunity and vitality for the city. Tourism has become a newly-emerged industry of Dalian and earned foreign exchange of 330 million US Dollars and gross income of 13.5 billion yuan(RMB) for the city. Therefore, the best travel time in Dalian is the annual May to September, but for tourists like to eat seafood to avoid July and August, because this period Dalian is in fish moratorium, seafood is very small. In addition, the Spring Festival in Dalian is also very lively, especially in the first month from 2nd to 8th, the Spring Firework and firecracker festival held in Dalian Xinghai Square make the festival of Dalian has more Chinese New Year style.

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