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    Beijing is one of the ancient historical and cultural city and capital in the world. There are the world's largest palace-the Forbidden City and four-section compound-Gongwang Palace House, the Eighth Wonder of the World-Great Wall, Summer Palace and other royal place, park, temple and religious buildings. Most of them are well-preserved.Beijing is window to understand the new China with plenty of cultural heritage... ...

Beijing Hotels

    Shanghai has been honoured the "Paris of the Orient". The Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the charming night of Bund attracts tourists. The Buildings by the Huangpu River are called "architecture museum". The Euroupen Ganrden by the street and the wide street display luxury of the city.The gardens dating from Ming and Qing dynasty are more beautiful and pleasant .. ...

Shanghai Hotels

    Guangzhou is a modern metropolis full of vitality as well as antiquity.It is one of the excellent tourist city in China. The landscape is picturesque together with cultural landscape. It is a place worth visiting with mixed urban and suburb style......

Guangzhou Hotels

    Shenzhen is located in the southern coast of China, adjacent to Hong Kong ,Dongguan and Huizhou.It is the second largest economic zone second only to Hainan Province in China.It has been honored as "International Garden City", "Excellent Tourism City," National Garden City "," one of the top 500 Environmental Protection in the wolrd" by Chinese government and international agencies ... ...

Shenzhen Hotels

    Hangzhou is famous for its beautiful moutains and lake. It is described as a "Paradise on earth", "Culture state", "Silk Origin" "Tea Capital", "Land of plenty ". It is praised by the Italian Marco Polo as "the most beautiful paradise city in the world. " Hangzhou not only has profound culture but only is an important tourist city......

Hangzhou Hotels

    Once being the capitals of six dynasties, Nanjing is with a long history over 6,000 years. Along with Beijing, Xi'an and Luoyang, Nanjing is described as "Four famous acient capitals". Nowadays, Nanjing has even shining with brand new charm as a "green capital and cultural city"......

Nanjing Hotels

    Locating in the joint of Changjiang and Hanjiang, Wuhan is famous as "a path to nine provinces". Here in Wuhan, seasons change in beautiful Jianghan Plain natural sights. Within the city, there are more than 100 lakes scattering over and over 10 mountains winding through. Wuhan is a origin of Jinchu Culture......

Wuhan Hotels

    Chengdu is not only a quiet but also prosperous cultural city. Ancient culture and modern civilization is melted together in this city. It is abundant in tourist resources. Attractions in Chengdu include "Tianfu sights", "Panda Hometown", "Shuhan Culture"......

Chengdu Hotels

    Qingdao's tourist is in development. For the beautiful moutains and waters, Qingdao is favored as a tourist summer resort. The blue sky with the blue sea in Qingdao rouse people's longing for travelling there. Qingdao has the best sea bathing spot and the earliest Ocean Aquarium in China......

Qingdao Hotels
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