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Xianyang was one of the famous ancient capitals of China, The Qin Dynast-the first centralized multinationality power in the China's feudalist society was set up in Xianyang in 221 BC and it was also the capital city and its environs of other 12 dynasties including Zhou, Han and Tang, Long history and rich culture left Xianyang unique resources for the development of cultural tourism, There are 4,951 historical sites and cultural relics and 85 of them are under the protection of state and provincial governments, The mausoleums of 28 emperors including Gaozu Liu Bang, the first Emperor of Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD), Wudi Liu Che, the fifth Emperor of Western Han Dynasty, Jingdi Liu Qi, the forth Emperor of Western Han Dynasty, Taizong Li Shimin, the second Emperor of Tang Dynasty(618-907)and Gaozong Li Zhi, the third Emperor and Empress Wu Zetian of Tang Dynasty and over 250 satellite tombs of relatives, ministers and generals are located along the northern plateau of Xianyang, The mausoleums with a magnificent view are called "the China's Complex of Pyramids" and "the Natural Museum of History" The relics in Xianyang are very rare from the points of quality, quantity and scales.
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Xianyang District Hotels: Qindu

Aviation Hotel, Xianyang Map Aviation Hotel, Xianyang    
Aviation Hotel, XianyangAway from city center:45km Away from train station:50km Away from airport:0.2km - The Aviation Hotel (Hangkong Dajiudian) located at the junction of Dongmen Road and Shennan Road. It is a three-star hotel recently decorated according to the international standard. The rooms in the hotel are nicely decorated and comfortable.

Feng Lin Zui Wan City Hotel Xianyang Map Feng Lin Zui Wan City Hotel Xianyang    
Feng Lin Zui Wan City Hotel Xianyang- 30km to Xianyang International Airport; - 0.5km to Xianyang Railway Station; - 3km to Xianyang Coach Station; - 1.2km to Jiahui Commercial Center. - Feng Lin Zui Wan City Hotel has perfect location, 1.2km to Jiahui Commercial Center.

Xianyang MOMA Crystal Hotel Map Xianyang MOMA Crystal Hotel    
Xianyang MOMA Crystal HotelDowntown Renmin Road 5 km Airport Xianyang International Airport 19.35 km Railway Station Xianyang Railway Station 8 km - The Xi'an Moma Crystal Hotel (Xi'an Moma Shuijing Jiudian) is a budget hotel superiorly located in Fengwei New District.

Xianyang Tianyi Hotel Map Xianyang Tianyi Hotel    
Xianyang Tianyi HotelDowntown Renmin Road 4 km Airport Xi'an Xianyang International Airport 17.19 km Railway Station Xianyang Railway Station 5.93 km - The Tianyi Hotel (Tianyi Jiudian) is located in Qindu District, close to Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST).

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