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    Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, is known as the "City of Springs", because of its 102 bubbling natural springs. Lying in a valley between the Yellow River and the Taishan Mountains, Jinan is an industrial city and a junction on the Beijing-Shanghai railway line, some 350 km. (217 mi.) south of Beijing. It has a population of nearly 2 million.
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    Jinan District Hotels: Huaiyin Lixia Shizhong Tianqiao

    Longdu International Hotel Jinan Map Longdu International Hotel Jinan    
    Longdu International Hotel Jinan1.5km from Daming Lake, 20 minute by foot; 4km from Baotu Spring, 13 minutes by taxi; 8.5km from Shungeng Exhibition Center, 20 minutes by taxi; 14km from Ji'nanExhibition Center, 30 minutes by taxi; 3.5km from Ji'nan Railway Station, 10 minutes by taxi; 3km from Ji'nan railway station; 34km from from airport, 40 minutes by taxi. - Longdu International Hotel Jinan is located in the North Park Road of Quancheng commercial center, it's an international networking luxury hotel combining Chinese traditional style and Europe modern art. The hotel has elegant and ornate decoration, good service, warm "home away from home" features, which make Longdu International Hotel to be an ideal place of business visits and tourism.

    Silver Plaza Quancheng Hotel, Jinan Map Silver Plaza Quancheng Hotel, Jinan    
    Silver Plaza Quancheng Hotel, JinanIt is an hour by taxi to airport and only 20-minutes by taxi to the railway station. It is within walking distance to the Fountain City Square. - Conveniently located in the commercial center of Jinan and within a short stroll of Jinan's famous scenic spots.

    Nan Jiao Hotel Map Nan Jiao Hotel    
    Nan Jiao HotelTo city center 3km, driving need 5 minutes; to railway station 4km, driving need 10 minutes; to airport 40km. driving need 45 minutes; to exhibition city center0.5km, driving need 2 minutes; to bus station 5km, diving need 15 minutes. Surrounding landscape: Qianfo mountain, Liyuetu spring, Quancheng square. - Jinan Nanjiao Hotel is located as the center of Jinan, on the west of Qiaofoshan Mountain, the east of Yingxiongshan Mountain, the north of Mount. Tai and the south of Jinan Botanical Garden. It takes up an area of 1, 160 mu, including the building area of 115, 800 sq.m.

    Jihua Hotel, Jinan Map Jihua Hotel, Jinan    
    Jihua Hotel, JinanDistance to railway station:less than 2(km) Distance to bus station:3(km) Distance to international airport:38(km) Surrounding with Daming Lake, Baotu Spring, Qianfo Mount. - Jihua Hotel is opened from Augues ,2001,which assemble the accomodation,food and beverage,conference,recreation,shopping for whole with the Contitent-European style architecture by the international four-star standard.

    Shandong News Hotel, Jinan Map Shandong News Hotel, Jinan    
    Shandong News Hotel, Jinanlocated downtown, 4km to railway station, 30km to airport - Located in the financial and commercial center of Jinan city, Shandong News Hotel is 5 minutes walk to Quancheng Square. The railway station is 4km away and the airport is 30km away.

    Shandong Grand Tower Hotel Map Shandong Grand Tower Hotel    
    Shandong Grand Tower HotelTo Airport: 40km; To Jinan Railway Station: 0.2km To City Center: 3.5km; To Coach Station: 3km and 10mins by driving. - Shandong Grand Tower Hotel owned by Shandong construction group, is a computerized deluxe business-class hotel built by the national 5-star standard. It is 53 floors with the total height of 188 meters. It enjoys the reputation of first markable building in Shandong.

    Jinan Luneng Xinyi Business Hotel (Luneng Hotel, Jinan) Map Jinan Luneng Xinyi Business Hotel (Luneng Hotel, Jinan)    
    Jinan Luneng Xinyi Business Hotel (Luneng Hotel, Jinan)Distance from railway station: 2km, distance from airport: 35km, - Lu Neng Plaza is situated in the central business district, just 5-min-drive from the railway station, close to several tourist resorts.

    Shandong Minzheng Hotel Map Shandong Minzheng Hotel    
    Shandong Minzheng Hotel35km from the wall of the airport; 3km from the Jinan Railway Station; 1.5km from the city center; Environment: Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, Pearl Spring, Springs Plaza - The Shandong Minzheng Hotel (Shandong Minzheng Dasha) is a three star hotel established by Shandong Civil Administration Department.

    JiNan Sun of City Business Hotel Map JiNan Sun of City Business Hotel    
    JiNan Sun of City Business HotelDistance from airport: 30km Distance from Jinan railway station: 11km Distance from city center:3km - JiNan Sun of City Business Hotel is a brand new theme hotel located at the intersection of Jinnan High-tech District and the flourishing business and trade center.

    Yark  Hotel,Jinan Map Yark Hotel,Jinan    
    Yark  Hotel,JinanDistance from Jinan Railway Station:7km; Distance from Jinan long distance bus station:9km; Distance from Yaoqiang International Airport:29km - Yark Hotel,Jinan is located in 1 Yaotou Road,Lixia District. It is surrounded by hills and rivers and the traffic is convenient here.It is 7km from Jinan Railway Station,9km from Jinan long distance bus station, 29km from Yaoqiang International Airport. This convenient traffic makes your trip or travel more efficient.

    Green Tree Ji'nan North Garden GinZa Hotel Map Green Tree Ji'nan North Garden GinZa Hotel    
    Green Tree Ji'nan North Garden GinZa HotelWith convenient traffic and quiet environment, Green Tree Ji'nan North Garden GinZa Hotel locates on the east of Ji'nan coach station and south of Daming lake which is the pearl of Ji'nan. To Ji'nan railway station: 1.5km; To airport: 20km; To city center: 0.5km. - With convenient traffic and quiet environment, Green Tree Ji'nan North Garden GinZa Hotel locates on the east of Ji'nan coach station and south of Daming lake which is the pearl of Ji'nan.

    Jinan Harbor Hotel Map Jinan Harbor Hotel    
    Jinan Harbor Hotellocated downtown, 2km to railway station, 40km to airport - The 4-star Harbor Hotel, situated in the city center, is one kilometer from the railway station and 30 kilometers from the airport.

    Sofitel Silver Plaza, Jinan Map Sofitel Silver Plaza, Jinan    
    Sofitel Silver Plaza, JinanThe hotel is located 40kms to the airport. 2.5kms to the railway station. - Located at the center of Jinan commercial and financial district and adjacent to the Shandong Silver Plaza Shopping Center, the hotel is within walking distance to all local scenic spots.

    Huaxing Building, Jinan Map Huaxing Building, Jinan    
    Huaxing Building, JinanDistance from Jinan South Railway Station: 6km, distance from airport: 35km. - The Building of Huaxing(hereafter refers to as Huaxing)of Province of Shandong belongs to the Ministry of Prison Management of the province of Shandong,which lies in the beautiful City of Spring,JiNan.it sits at the crossing of the Road of Shanda and the Cuiture,which is the most prosperous center of Politics.Commerce,the finance,Technology and Cuiture.

    Litian Hotel,Jinan Map Litian Hotel,Jinan    
    Litian Hotel,JinanAway from Yaoqiang Airport 34 km Away from Railway Station of Jinan City 1.5 km Away from City Center 3.5 km Surroundings: Daming Lake, Jutu Spring - Litian Hotel, in Shandong Province, is located in CBD business district of Jinan City, the government is next to its south, Daming Lake is on its west, railway station is on its direction of north.

    Grand Metropark Qihui Hotel Map Grand Metropark Qihui Hotel    
    Grand Metropark Qihui Hotel- 500m to Daming Lake; - 1km to Quancheng Plaza; - 2.5km to Renmin Store; - 4.5km to Shungeng International Convention Center; - 35km to Yaoqiang Airport; - 5.5km to Jinan Railway Station; - 2.5km to Jinan East Railway Station; - 7km to Jinan Coach Station. - The Grand Metropark Hotel Shandong (Shandong Zhengxie Weijing Guoji Dajiudian) is located in Ji'nan's business and commercial center within easy reach of many of Ji'nan's top attractions including Daming Lake and Baotu Spring.

    Shunhe Business Hotel, Jinan Map Shunhe Business Hotel, Jinan    
    Shunhe Business Hotel, Jinan1 km to the city center; 8 km to the railway station; 30 km to the airport - Shunhe Business Hotel is a classical small business hotel in the center of business and business affairs. The railway station is 8km away and the airport is 30km away.

    Guiyou Hotel, Jinan Map Guiyou Hotel, Jinan    
    Guiyou Hotel, Jinan3km to city center, 8km to railway station, 35km to airport - The Guiyou Hotel (Guiyou Dajiudian) is located not far from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

    Jinan Yuquan Senxin Hotel Map Jinan Yuquan Senxin Hotel    
    Jinan Yuquan Senxin HotelTo airport: 32km To railway station: 6km To downtown: 1.5km - The Yuquan Simpson Hotel (Yuquan Senxin Dajiudian) is located on Luoyuan Street, in close proximity to a couple of scenic areas such as Baotu Spring, Daming Lake and Quancheng Square.

    Shandong Guidu Hotel Map Shandong Guidu Hotel    
    Shandong Guidu HotelLocated downtwon, 0.5km to railway station, 25-min-drive to airport, 20-min-drive to exhibition center - Jinan's Guidu Hotel is a 4-star hotel located 500 m (547 yd) from the railway station and is only 25 minutes from Jinan International Airport. It faces one of the area's prime attractions, Thousand Buddha Mountain (Mount Qianfo), and is close to Daming Lake and Baotu Spring.

    Shandong Huaneng Hotel Map Shandong Huaneng Hotel    
    Shandong Huaneng Hotellocated downtown, 4km to railway station, 40km to airport - The Huaneng Hotel (Huaneng dasha) is a three-star hotel located in Ji'nan's central business area. Guestrooms and suites are spacious and well equipped with air conditioning, mini bars, international direct dial phones, TVs and private safes.

    Shandong Jindu Hotel Map Shandong Jindu Hotel    
    Shandong Jindu Hotel3km to city center, 7km to railway station, 35km to airport - The Shandong Jindu Hotel (Shandong Jindu Dajiudian), enjoys the perfect business location and features excellent service, modern business facilities and first-class communication equipment.

    Shandong Jinma Mansion - Jinan Map Shandong Jinma Mansion - Jinan    
    Shandong Jinma Mansion - Jinan - The Shandong Jinma Mansion (Shandong Jinma Dasha Jiudian) is an international hotel located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain. Qianfoshan Mountain is also not far away and can be also conveniently reached.

    Shandong International Hotel - Jinan Map Shandong International Hotel - Jinan    
    Shandong International Hotel - JinanRailway Station Ji'nan Railway Station 6.33 km Railway Station Ji'nan West Railway Station 20.02 km Airport Ji'nan Yaoqiang Airport 31.6 km Downtown Quancheng Square 2.4 km - The Shandong International Hotel (Shandong Guoji Fandian) is situated in downtown Jinan, within easy reach of universities, Keji Square, Daming Lake, Baotu Spring and Quancheng Square.

    Huagong Hotel - Jinan Map Huagong Hotel - Jinan    
    Huagong Hotel - JinanRailway Station Ji'nan East Railway Station 6 km Airport Ji'nan International Airport 36.74 km Railway Station Ji'nan Railway Station 4.44 km Railway Station Ji'nan West Railway Station 11.2 km Airport Ji'nan Yaoqiang Airport 38.48 km Downtown Quancheng Square 4.85 km CBD/Brand-Name Dining Outlet People's Market 3.73 km - The Shandong Huagong Hotel (Shandong Huagong Binguan) is located on Jingshi Road, just a few miles to the east of Bayi hangover and to the west of Beijing-Fujian Highway. Guests enjoy convenient access to transportation network.

    Jier Hotel - Jinan Map Jier Hotel - Jinan    
    Jier Hotel - Jinan - The Jinan Jier Hotel (Jinan Ji'er Binguan) is a business hotel located on Xinxi Road, close to Xicheng District of Jinan. Guests enjoy convenient access to transportation network.

    Shandong forestry building in Ji'nan Map Shandong forestry building in Ji'nan    
    Shandong forestry building in Ji'nanRailway Station Ji'nan East Railway Station 2.09 km Railway Station Ji'nan Railway Station 5.7 km Railway Station Ji'nan West Railway Station 16.3 km Airport Ji'nan Yaoqiang Airport 29.44 km Downtown Quancheng Square 3.81 km - Situated in business and cultural center, near some attractions such as Daming Lake and Baotu Spring, the Forestry Hotel (Linye Dasha) is a 15-minute drive from Jinan Railway Station.

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