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    Huizhou is an enter port as well as an industrial center in the Dongjiang Valley, with the focus on electronics and light industry, such as electronics, textile, medicine, sugar refining, food processing, beverage, plastics and precision machinery. In the past decades, local industries have been developing amazingly fast.
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    Huizhou District Hotels: Boluo Dayawan Huicheng Huidong Huiyang

    Regal Palace Resort Huizhou Map Regal Palace Resort Huizhou    
    Regal Palace Resort Huizhou49.5km from Huidong Bus Terminal; 113.6km from Huizhou Raiway Station; 154km from Shenzhen Bao'an Airport. - The Regal Palace Resort Huizhou is a deluxe hotel within easy reach of the Mozishi Park and grants guests convenient access to the Xunliao Bay popular for its white beaches.

    Huiyang New Metropolis Hotel Map Huiyang New Metropolis Hotel    
    Huiyang New Metropolis Hotel- 45km to city center of Huizhou; - 100km to Shenzhen Baoan Airport. - The New Metropolis Hotel, funded and conducted by Wondrous Customs of Huiyang. With a perfect geographical location, Metropolis Hotel possesses well-equipped facilities and is a green business-oriented hotel, adopting an environmental of naturalization and simplicity feelings in its constructional format. The hotel is divided into a number of elegant and tender rooms, new-fashion and comfortable suites, a restaurant where is full of novel Cantonese cuisines, a health center which washes away your tiredness, a multi-functional banquet hall and a spacious car park as well. The New Metropolis Hotel combines the advanced administrative concept of international hotels with its own unique features, which pursues not only the delicate and efficient management but also the perfect services. It strives to make our guests fully enjoy their highest quality journey. The New Metropolis Hotel is the first supreme environmental business hotel in Huiyang.

    Fameeyahotel Map Fameeyahotel    
    Fameeyahotel50km from Huizhou Railway Station; 49.6km from Huizhou West Railway Station; 1.3km from Huizhou Danshui Bus Station; 2.9km from Huiyang Bus Terminal. 80km from Shenzhen Bao'an Airport; - The hotel is located in the coast of south China sea, electronic, petrochemical industry, tourism city -- huizhou huiyang area. South adjacent daya bay, adjacent to Hong Kong, west and shenzhen, dongguan pick up where. Hotel transportation is very convenient, away from huizhou 40 minutes from the railway station, from shenzhen baoan international airport 60 minutes, and a current Hong Kong downtown luxury buses anchor.

    Huizhou Noble Jasper Hotel Map Huizhou Noble Jasper Hotel    
    Huizhou Noble Jasper HotelHuiZhou airport:23km, 20minutes, 3yuan for bus, 50yuan for taxi. HuiZhou railway station: 4km, 15minutes, 1yuan for bus, 5yuan for taxi. HuiZhou port: 50km, 45minutes, 10yuan for bus The coach station:1km, 5minutus, 1yuan for bus, 5yuan for taxi - The Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the city center, near the beautiful West Lake.

    Legend Hotel ,Huizhou Map Legend Hotel ,Huizhou    
    Legend Hotel ,HuizhouHotel located in beautiful and fertile Huiyang, Guangdong, adjacent to the shenzhen special economic zone, from China's largest overseas investment promotion project "Nanhai petrochemical shell base" and "Daya bay nuclear power station" only a half hour drive. - The Legend hotel is located at the prime area in the center of Danshui of Huiyang, It is built in the standard of international four star hotel, a truly garden hotel which provides you with the best choice for business, tourism, vacation and conference. The hotel provides with comprehensive services supply all your requirements, and make you the most satisfies for your vocation and business trip.

    New Regent Hotel ,Huizhou Map New Regent Hotel ,Huizhou    
    New Regent Hotel ,Huizhou- 81km to Shenzhen Airport; - 48km to Huizhou Railway Station. - Ideally located in the prime center of Danshui Huiyang. The New Regent Hotel is a luxurious business hotel.

    GreenTree Inn Huiyang Hotel Map GreenTree Inn Huiyang Hotel    
    GreenTree Inn Huiyang HotelTo City Center: 0.5km; To Huizhou Railway Station: 30km; To Shenzhen Airport:80km - GreenTree Inn Huiyang Hotel GreenTree Inn Huiyang Hotel i another GreenTree Inn's Hotel opened in Huizhou.It is located in No.151, Baiyun No.2 Road, Danshui Town, in the administrative center of Huiyang District and with city plaza and municipal government around the vicinity.

    Sea View Anhui Hotel Map Sea View Anhui Hotel    
    Sea View Anhui HotelTo the downtown: 50 minutes drive To the railway station: 60minutes drive To Shenzhen airport: 120 minutes To Daya Bay: 30minutes - The Holiday Inn Daya Bay (Dayawan Jiari Jiudian) is a four-star business hotel located in the Chu Chiang Delta. Standing near the sea, the hotel is within easy reach of many local scenic spots such as the Panda Golden Coast.

    Huizhou Gold Lake Hotel Map Huizhou Gold Lake Hotel    
    Huizhou Gold Lake HotelHuizhou railway station: 18 km. - Gold Lake Hotel Huizhou is a lake view business hotel located at the West Lake scenic area of Huizhou.

    Huizhou Kaiquan Golf Holiday Hotel Map Huizhou Kaiquan Golf Holiday Hotel    
    Huizhou Kaiquan Golf Holiday Hotel - The Kaispring Golf Hotel (Kaiquan Gao'erfu Dujia Jiudian) is a deluxe hotel located in the Huizhou Tangquan Golf Club, close to the Boluo Sports Center, so it's definitely the right hotel for you if you plan to relax.

    City Inn Yuandong ,Huizhou Map City Inn Yuandong ,Huizhou    
    City Inn Yuandong ,HuizhouLocated downtown, 15km to railway station, 150km to airport, 3km to exhibition center, 80km to harbor, 5km to coach station. - City Inn Yuandong has convenient transporations, close to city center.

    Huizhou Sanyang Hotel Map Huizhou Sanyang Hotel    
    Huizhou Sanyang HotelAbout 40 minutes driving from Shenzhen, 70 minutes from Guangzhou, 30 minutes from Dongguan and 10 minutes from the city center of Huizhou. Distance from the airport ( Km ):60 Distance from the railway station ( Km ):15 - The Three Suns Hotel (Huizhou Sanyang Jiudian) is a business hotel located on the outskirts of Huizhou. With convenient transport links to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong this hotel is great choice for those in the city on business or just passing through.

    Huizhou city Daya Bay Xin Yuan Hotel Map Huizhou city Daya Bay Xin Yuan Hotel    
    Huizhou city Daya Bay Xin Yuan Hotel - The on-site Chinese restaurant serves Cantonese dishes, sea foods and local dishes. The multifunction hall seating up to 600 is suitable for organizing meetings and banquets.

    River View Business Hotel - Huizhou Map River View Business Hotel - Huizhou    
    River View Business Hotel - Huizhou - The River Scene Palace Hotel (Huizhoushi Jiangjing Shangwu Jiudian) is located on the bank of the Dongjiang River. A short walk away from the train station.

    Huizhou Hotel - Huizhou Map Huizhou Hotel - Huizhou    
    Huizhou Hotel - Huizhou - The Hui Zhou Hotel is a three-star hotel, located on the West Lake. Many of the hotel's 175 rooms and suites are decorated in villa fashion, nicely furnished and well equipped with modern amenities.

    Kings Palace Hotel - Huizhou Map Kings Palace Hotel - Huizhou    
    Kings Palace Hotel - Huizhou - The King's Palace Hotel (Huizhou Longtai Jindu Jiudian) is within walking distance of shopping malls and a Wal-Mart supermarket on S Huabian Road.

    Wanhuilai Hotel - Huizhou Map Wanhuilai Hotel - Huizhou    
    Wanhuilai Hotel - Huizhou - The Wanhuilai Hotel (Wanhuilai Jiudian) is located in the Danshui Town, half an hour drive from Huizhou.

    Huizhou Mai Ya Business Hotel Map Huizhou Mai Ya Business Hotel    
    Huizhou Mai Ya Business Hotel - Huizhou's Maiya Business Hotel is a three-star hotel catering specifically to the needs of business travellers.

    Huizhou West Lake Hotel Map Huizhou West Lake Hotel    
    Huizhou West Lake Hotel - Huizhou's West Lake Hotel (Xihu Dajiudian) is located on the picturesque banks of Huizhou West Lake, affording panoramic views of the lake. A pedestrian street is just steps away.

    Huizhou Xin Du Hotel Map Huizhou Xin Du Hotel    
    Huizhou Xin Du Hotel - The Xindu Hotel (Xindu Dajiudian) is close to a shopping center and only 3 km from the Huizhou railway station.

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