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YangzhouHotels location classification
  • Yangzhou Railway Station

  • Nanjing Lukou International Airport

  • Slender West Lake

  • Wenchang Pavilion( Wenchang Ge)

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    The ancestors of people in Yangzhou created a splendid culture and left behind them a large number of historical relics and sites, making it a well?known tourist city in China. Among the many scenic and historic attractions for visitors to Yangzhou, perhaps the most notable are the local section of the Grand Canal, the many lovely gardens, and the buildings associated with the monk Jian Zhen.
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    Yangzhou District Hotels: Gaoyou Guangling Hanjiang Jiangdu Weiyang Yizheng

    New Century Hotel ,Yangzhou Map New Century Hotel ,Yangzhou    
    New Century Hotel ,Yangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Superior Twin Room 54.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 62.00 USDBook

    Away from city center: 3km, away from railway station :15km - Away from city center: 3km, away from railway station :15km

    Jiangdu Hotel, Yangzhou Map Jiangdu Hotel, Yangzhou    
    Jiangdu Hotel, Yangzhou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Standard Twin Room B 28.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 37.00 USDBook
    Business Single Room 41.00 USDBook

    1km to the centre, 100km to the airport, 30km to the railway station, 30km to the port - Jiangdu Hotel is the only three star foreign travel hotel in Jiangdu, near the world famous key water-control project---The Grand Canal, Beijing-Shanghai Express Highway, just has 15km to the historic city---Yangzhou.

    Yangzhou HengChunYuan Hotel Map Yangzhou HengChunYuan Hotel    
    Yangzhou HengChunYuan Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Normal Standard Room 31.00 USDBook
    Business Standard Room 37.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Business Single Room 44.00 USDBook

    Away city center : 4.5km, away railway station: 4.5km, away exhibition: 3.5km, away bus station: 1km. - Away city center : 4.5km, away railway station: 4.5km, away exhibition: 3.5km, away bus station: 1km.

    Yangzhou Garden International Hotel Map Yangzhou Garden International Hotel    
    Yangzhou Garden International Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Business Single Room 59.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 59.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Standard Room 68.00 USDBook

    To Yangzhou railway station: 6km, to city center: 5km, to Wenchang Pavilion: 3km, to airport: 160km; Surrounding landscape: Yangzhou West station, Yangzhou Mall - The Hotel is located in the center of the Yangzhou New District. Neighbouring Yangzhou Mall in east, connect with Yangzhou bus station in west, near Yangzhou port in south, against Yangzhou Government in north; It only takes 10 minutes to city center, 1 hour to Zhenjiang railway station, about 3 hours to Nanjing airport.

    Yijing Peninsula Hotel - Yizheng Map Yijing Peninsula Hotel - Yizheng    
    Yijing Peninsula Hotel - Yizheng
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Standard Room A 38.00 USDBook
    Single roomA 38.00 USDBook
    Standard Room B Included Two Breakfast 44.00 USDBook

    3km away from city center, 5km away from railway station, 100km away from Nanjing Airport - The hotel is the first 4-star hotel in Yizheng, and it is located along the ancient Xupu River, facing water in 3 directions, and the natural beauty is in full view from the hotel.

    Yangzhou Jingjiang Hotel Map Yangzhou Jingjiang Hotel    
    Yangzhou Jingjiang Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Business Standard Twin Room 38.00 USDBook
    Business Big Bed Room 38.00 USDBook
    Business Standard Twin Room Included Two Breakfast 42.00 USDBook

    Distance Lukou airport: 140km, to railway station: 5km, to city center: 3km The view around: thin west lake scenic spot, Daming temple, phoenix island scenic spot. - located in the scene in charming, easily accessible new urban area of Jiangdu (the east suburb of Yangzhou of ancient city ). Beijing-Shanghai high speed,, would rather put through to cross hereby at a high speed, going down south can support Su Hang, going up north can reach Beijing and Tianjin, trace back very put through SiChuan at Jiangxi.

    Huaqiao International Hotel, Gaoyou Map Huaqiao International Hotel, Gaoyou     Wireless Internet
    Huaqiao International Hotel, Gaoyou
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Single Room B 41.00 USDBook
    Twin Room B 41.00 USDBook
    Twin Room A 44.00 USDBook

    To Wenyou Middle Road: 3km To ancient Wenyoutai: 0.4km To MengchengYi: 3km To Beihai Square: 0.5km - Huaqiao International Hotel is a brand new international business hotel. It is modern and simply designed. The hotel could bring you comfortable, perfect and fashion experience and a good place for relaxing.

    Jiangdu Bailemen Hotel Map Jiangdu Bailemen Hotel    
    Jiangdu Bailemen Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Standard Room C 26.00 USDBook
    Big Bed RoomA Included Two Breakfast 37.00 USDBook
    Suite Included Two Breakfast 49.00 USDBook

    - The Jiangdu Paramount Hotel (Jiangdu Bailemen Dajiudian) is situated at the intersection of Gongnong Road and Sanyuan Road, and enjoys proximity to a local department store.

    Yangzhou State Guesthouse Map Yangzhou State Guesthouse    
    Yangzhou State Guesthouse1km to city center, 1km to Wenchang, 10km to railway station Surrounding landscape: Thin West Lake - 1km to city center, 1km to Wenchang, 10km to railway station

    Grand Metropole Hotel Yangzhou Map Grand Metropole Hotel Yangzhou    
    Grand Metropole Hotel YangzhouDistance from railway station: 6km From city center: 0km Surrounding landscape: thin west lake, Pingshan hall, Heyuan, Wanjiafu, Yangzhou market, Business building. - Near the city's main government buildings, financial center and shopping mall.

    Four Points by Sheraton Yangzhou, Hanjiang Map Four Points by Sheraton Yangzhou, Hanjiang     Wireless Internet
    Four Points by Sheraton Yangzhou, Hanjiang-6.5km from Yangzhou railway station; -1.5km from West Coach Station; - Conveniently located on Jiangyang Xi Road in the city's Hanjiang District, the Four Points by Sheraton Yangzhou, Hanjiang is near two major highways. Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) is about one hour and 40 minutes away by car.

    Jiangsu HuaiZuo MingDu Nations Hotel Map Jiangsu HuaiZuo MingDu Nations Hotel    
    Jiangsu HuaiZuo MingDu Nations Hotel5 km from the Yangzhou Railway Station, it takes about 10 minutes and 15RMB by taxi. 5 km from the Wenchang Pavilion. Bus: 5 minutes walk to the bus station. Taxi: taxi service. - Huaizuo Mingdu Nations Hotel (Huaizuo Mingdu Guoji Dajiudian) is a business hotel located on Hanjiang Zhong Lu, close to the bus center.

    Guangyuan Dingshan Hotel, Yangzhou Map Guangyuan Dingshan Hotel, Yangzhou    
    Guangyuan Dingshan Hotel, YangzhouThe hotel has convenient traffic links, located only 1km to the city center. - It's a 3-star facilities hotel located in the city center of Yangzhou.The hotel is located in the city center of Yangzhou. The hotel is close to some famous sights, such as the Slender West Lake and He Garden

    Yangzhou Jade Dragonfly Elegant Hotel Map Yangzhou Jade Dragonfly Elegant Hotel    
    Yangzhou Jade Dragonfly Elegant HotelAway railway station: 30km Away bus station :15km Away city center: 0km - Away railway station: 30km Away bus station :15km Away city center: 0km

    Super 8 Hotel Yangzhou Qing Yuan Map Super 8 Hotel Yangzhou Qing Yuan    
    Super 8 Hotel Yangzhou Qing Yuan- 5 km 15 minutes drive to the bus station - 5 minute drive to ShouXiHu - 8 km 20 minutes drive to the train station - 10 minute walk to GongHeChun and FuChun Teahouse - Super 8 Hotel Yangzhou Qing Yuan is located in the business, culture, and tourism center of Yangzhou city. The hotel is in close proximity to ShouXiHu, a nationally listed scenic area, as well as the FuChun Teahouse, and the BaGuai Memorial.

    Hongshanshu Hotel, Yangzhou Map Hongshanshu Hotel, Yangzhou    
    Hongshanshu Hotel, Yangzhou0.1km to city center, 7km to railway station, 7km to expo center, 5km to coach station - Yangzhou Sequoia Hotel is located at the city center. It is east to the Geyuan Garden, south to Xianhe Temple and Wenchang Square, and west to Wenchang Pavilion.

    Yangzhou Han Du Hotel Map Yangzhou Han Du Hotel    
    Yangzhou Han Du HotelDowntown Wenchang Ge 4.8 km Railway Station Yangzhou Railway Station 3.5 km - The Yangzhou Handu Hotel (Yangzhou Handu Dajiudian) is about 3.5 kilometers from the railway station and about 4 kilometers from the Wenchang Pavilion, the vibrant downtown area.

    Yangzhou sanjianyuan club Map Yangzhou sanjianyuan club    
    Yangzhou sanjianyuan clubRailway Station Yangzhou Railway Station 30 km - The Sanjianyuan Hotel (Yangzhou Sanjianyuan) is located close to a canal and about 200 m from the Ningtong Expressway.

    Yangzhou Convention Center - Yangzhou Map Yangzhou Convention Center - Yangzhou    
    Yangzhou Convention Center - YangzhouDowntown Wenchang Ge 6.5 km Railway Station Yangzhou Railway Station 3.44 km - The Yangzhou Convention Center (Yangzhou Huiyi Zhongxin) is located on the banks of Mingyue Lake, near the Yangzhou International Convention Center, Yangzhou Sports Park and Yangzhou Railway Station. Yangzhou's slender West Lake, a popular Yangzhou attraction, can be accessed with a 15-minute drive.

    Jiangdu Xiongdu hotel Map Jiangdu Xiongdu hotel    
    Jiangdu Xiongdu hotelRailway Station Jiangdu Railway Station 5.81 km Downtown Yinjiang Road 3 km - The Xiong Du Hotel (Xiongdu Fandian) is a garden style hotel convenient to downtown Jiangdu.

    The Yizheng zaolin Villa Map The Yizheng zaolin Villa    
    The Yizheng zaolin VillaDowntown Jiefang Road 20 km Railway Station Yizheng Railway Station 10 km - The Zaolin Mountain Villa (Zaolin Shanzhuang) is located on the bank of Zaolin Lake in Zaolinwan ecological park. The Yizheng Railway Station is 10 km away.

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