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  • ShenZhen Industrial Exhibition Center

  • Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

  • Shenzhen railway station

  • Shenzhen North Railway Station (High Speed Station)

  • Shenzhen Baoan Airport

  • Splendid China

  • Sunmen Island

  • Sea World Site

  • Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Resort

  • Garden Expo Park

  • Dapeng Ancient City

  • Shenzhen Museum

  • Grand Theatre

  • Dameisha Beach

  • Fairy Lake Botanical Garden

  • Window of the World

  • Shenzhen Safari Park

  • Happy Valley

  • Shenzhen Stadium

  • Mission Hills Golf Club

  • Bay Sport Center

  • High Tech Industrial Park

  • North Huaqiang business center

  • Luohu Border Check Point

  • East Gate Street, Shenzhen

  • Shekou Ferry Terminal

  • Dongmen Food Street

  • Overseas Chinese Town

  • Xiaomeisha Beach

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    Shenzhen is a newly-built seaside city under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province of China. Separated from Hong Kong by a river in the South, the city starts from Lingding sea of Pear River Estuary.
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    Dameisha Beach, Shenzhen Hotels List
    Shenzhen District Hotels: Baoan Dapeng New Futian Longgang Luohu Nanshan Yantian

    Xiaomeisha Resort Guanjing Hotel, Shenzhen Map Xiaomeisha Resort Guanjing Hotel, Shenzhen    
    Xiaomeisha Resort Guanjing Hotel, Shenzhen
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Preferential Room 288.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 1.88km, From Shenzhen airport and train station only need 40 minutes by car, from Fair Center need about 50 minutes by car, Shenzhen Guanjing Holiday Hotel( Newspaper Group holiday village), is located at Xiaomeisha beach which has a name of south Hawaii in China. Three sides is rounded by mountains, one side facing sea, beautiful sight around, fresh air, green mountain and water, birds singing flower fragrance, white beach, blue sea, that is an ideal place for relaxing, and being near to nature. The hotel is decorated according to international three star standard, is a complex holiday hotel for tourism, leisure and business meeting.

    Shenzhen T-lin Hotel Map Shenzhen T-lin Hotel    
    Shenzhen T-lin Hotel
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room(No window) 203.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Suite(Big Bed) Included TwoBreakfast 381.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Suite Included TwoBreakfast 381.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 8.59km, 17.6 km from Shenzhen Railway Station, about 30 minutes by taxi; 38.5 km from Shenzhen West Railway Station, about 50 minutes by taxi; 55km from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, about 60 minutes by taxi; 22km from the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, about 45 minutes by taxi., Shenzhen T-lin Hotel is attached to Shenzhen Jianzhong Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Tonglin clubs investment and cooperation, it's a business resort hotel integrating accommodation, business service. In 2010, hotel investor plan and renovate the total construction area of 7,000 square meters of building, so that the external environment of hotel would become to a garden-style, leisure style hotel, internal and external structure is more reasonable, comfortable, user-friendly

    Sandborg Hotel - Shenzhen Map Sandborg Hotel - Shenzhen    
    Sandborg Hotel - Shenzhen
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 398.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 398.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 448.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 13.37km, Downtown Dongmen Pedestrian Street 20 km Airport Shenzhen Baoan International Airport 48.14 km Railway Station Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station 18.31 km, The Sandborg Hotel (Shenzhen Shengdebao Jiudian) is located beside Liuyue Park of Longgang District. It is 47 kilometers from the airport. Remodeled in 2010, the hotel features 250 guest rooms and suites. The hotel property includes exercise facilities, sauna, massage, karaoke room and game room.

    Vienna Hotel Shuanglong Subway Station - Shenzhen Map Vienna Hotel Shuanglong Subway Station - Shenzhen    
    Vienna Hotel Shuanglong Subway Station - Shenzhen
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Preferential Twin Room 214.00 USDBook
    Standard Single Room 268.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 296.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 15.31km, 60km from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport; 40km from Railway Station Shenzhen Railway Station; Near to metro Line 3 Shuanglong Station., The Vienna Hotel Shuanglong Subway Station (Weiyena Jiudian Shenzhen Shuanglong Ditiezhan Dian) is located at the intersection of Longgang district center, Shenhui Road and Jincheng Street, close to subway station and Rainbow Shopping Mall. It is 61 kilometers from Bao'an International Airport. .

    Vienna Hotels(Shenzhen Longgang Shengping) Map Vienna Hotels(Shenzhen Longgang Shengping)    
    Vienna Hotels(Shenzhen Longgang Shengping)
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Deluxe Twin Room 277.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Single Room 277.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Round Bed Room 295.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 16.15km, - 2 km (5-min drive) to Longcheng Square; - 3 km (10-min drive) to Longtan Park; - 32 km (50-min drive) to Luohu Railway Station; - 55 km to Bao'an Airport., .Vienna Hotels(Shenzhen Longgang Shengping) is one of boutique business chain hotel under Vienna Hotel Group, decorated according to four-star standard in 2011, it's a luxury business hotel integrating accommodation, catering, conference and entertainment in one, the overall design is European style, full of art, classic, warm and exotic emotion.

    King Home Hotel, Shenzhen Map King Home Hotel, Shenzhen    
    King Home Hotel, Shenzhen
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 272.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 272.00 USDBook
    Family Room 272.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 16.51km, 40km to BaoAn Airport, 18km to Luohu railway station, Luohu harbor, 35km to Huaqiangbei, 30km to exhibition center, 45km to Shekou harbor,

    Bedforu Business Hotel - Shenzhen Map Bedforu Business Hotel - Shenzhen    
    Bedforu Business Hotel - Shenzhen
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Qipai Suite 348.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 16.74km, - 850 meters to Longcheng Park; - 2 km to Rainbow Department Store; - 4 km to Longgang Cultural Center - 33 km to Luohu Railway Station; - 48 km to West Railway Station; - 54 km to Baoan International Airport., The Bedforu Business Hotel is located at the intersection of Ping'an Road and Baihuiwei First Road, close to Olympic New City Area and high-tech innovation park. The traffic is convenient.

    Shanshui Hotel (Shenzhen Luohu) Map Shanshui Hotel (Shenzhen Luohu)     Wireless Internet
    Shanshui Hotel (Shenzhen Luohu)
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 295.00 USDBook
    Superior Big Bed Room 295.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 313.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 19.06km, To Luohu Immigration Control Point, Metro: about 5 minute To Dongmen Business Street: about 10 minute drive; To Huaqiang Bei Business Street: about 18 minute drive; To China Hi-Tech Fair, Shenzhen Conference & Exhibition Center: about 20 minute drive; To Shenzhen Baoan International: about 70 minute drive., The Shanshui Hotel (Luohu-Shenzhen) is a business hotel located in the flourishing Luohu commercial area, the cross of Shenzhen Railway Station and Shenzhen Immigration Control Point. It has convenient transportation. This hotel is designed according to the international standard of 4-star hotels. Guests may take advantage of the hotels many business, conference, and entertainment facilities.

    Chang An Hotel, Shenzhen Map Chang An Hotel, Shenzhen    
    Chang An Hotel, Shenzhen
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Deluxe Twin Room 550.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Single Room 563.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 570.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 19.14km, Distance from city center: 1km, distance from railway station: 2km, distance from airport: 40km, distance from exhibition center: 2km., Shenzhen Changan Hotel is a foreign-oriented three star hotel. It lies at the cross of busy Shennan Drive and Wenjing Road, hundreds of meters from Wenjing Custom, on the must way to Buji Town to its north and Shatoujiao to its east. In early 2005, Changan Hotel invested a big sum decorating and reconstructing the guestroom and facilities, allowed it to be a virtual business hotel.

    Union City Hotel Shenzhen Map Union City Hotel Shenzhen    
    Union City Hotel Shenzhen
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Deluxe Twin Room Included TwoBreakfast 348.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Single Room Included TwoBreakfast 348.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Suite Included TwoBreakfast 638.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 19.21km, , The Liancheng Hotel (Liancheng Jiudian) is close to the Luohu Cultural Park and only 2.6 km from the Shenzhen Railway Station.

    Shuiyunjian Hotel Shenzhen Map Shuiyunjian Hotel Shenzhen    
    Shuiyunjian Hotel ShenzhenFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 0.61km, Distance to downtown: 25km Distance to airport: 50km Distance to railway station: 30km Surrouding: Da Mei Sha Park, Ocean Park, yacht club, and Minsk aircraft carrier., The Shenzhen Shuiyun Apartment located in the Dameisha, Yantian District, the traffic is convenient. Surrouded with Da Mei Sha Park, Ocean Park, yacht club, Minsk aircraft carrier and other famous attractions.

    Shenzhen Star Hotel Map Shenzhen Star Hotel    
    Shenzhen Star HotelFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 9.83km, 12km from Luohu Railway Station, you can take No.807 bus to reach the hotel; 20km from city center Futian Bus Station, you can take No. 364, 103, 205 and Line 1 Subway to reach the hotel; 60 km and 80 minutes from the airport., Shenzhen Star Hotel is a fully functional, first-class equipment four-star boutique business hotel.

    Shenzhen Dapeng New Dist. XinLan Seaside GuestHouse Map Shenzhen Dapeng New Dist. XinLan Seaside GuestHouse    
    Shenzhen Dapeng New Dist. XinLan Seaside GuestHouseFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 11.76km, , Xinlan Seaside GuestHouse, also called as Juxin Island GuestHouse, Xinhaihu Seaview GuestHouse, located in the seaside of GuanHu Village, KuiChong Town,DaPeng New Dist., Shenzhen,China. GuanHu Seaside is half-developed & the last piece of pure sealand in shenzhen.

    Crown Plaza Hotel - Shenzhen Map Crown Plaza Hotel - Shenzhen    
    Crown Plaza Hotel - ShenzhenFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 15.32km, 50km from Shenzhen Baoan Airport; 30km from Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station; 5km from Longgang Bus Terminal; 2km from Longcheng Square Metro Station. From Hong Kong city hotel opened, Disney and the Hong Kong International Airport Bus East Wing, Shenzhen Longgang City Centre is an ideal choice for visit, work and holiday in Shenzhen. The hotel has good location, located in the Longxiang Avenue, Longgang District, 50 km away from Shenzhen airport. Hotel near the Longgang district government, cultural center, the world university games hall, Longgang city center and business center, World Trade Plaza, Guangbai Department stores, Starbucks cafe. Near the Shenzhen Longcheng Square Metro Station, it's convenient for you to other areas of the city.

    East Lake Hotel - Shenzhen Map East Lake Hotel - Shenzhen    
    East Lake Hotel - ShenzhenFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 17.14km, 50km to BaoAn airport, 8km to Shenzhen railway station, Luohu harbor, 5km to Dongmen walking street, 20km to exhibition center, East Lake Hotel opened in 1982 and was renovated in 1998. Located by Shenzhen Reservoir, guestrooms of the hotel feature great water views. The hotel also has 12 multi-functional banquet halls equipped with modern meeting facilities.

    Shell Bay Resort Map Shell Bay Resort    
    Shell Bay ResortFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 17.58km, Distance from city center: 55km, distance from railway station: 52km, Distance from Airport: 92km, distance from seaside: 3km,, Shell Bay Resort is located in Shenzhen's " Backyard Garden " - the picturesque Nan Ao Town in Da Peng Bay. From its owned private sun-splashed beach, soothing breeze to lush landscape, Shell Bay Resort offers some of the most incredible natural wonders with the most beautiful view in Nan Ao Town.

    Master Club(TaiNing) Map Master Club(TaiNing)    
    Master Club(TaiNing)From the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 18.01km, It is about 42 kilometers from the airport and 6 kilometers from the Shenzhen railway station., The Master Hotel is apartment hotel which is attached to Master Industry Ltd. The hotel is located in Luohu District-Baishida community. People here can enjoy wonderful scenery of Donghu Lake and Shenzhen reservoir.

    Bamboo Garden Hotel, Shenzhen Map Bamboo Garden Hotel, Shenzhen    
    Bamboo Garden Hotel, ShenzhenFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 18.45km, , Bamboo Garden Hotel is the first joint-venture hotel in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, located on North Dongmen Road and near the prosperous Dongmen Business Area, it enjoys convenient traffic, only ten minutes' ride to the railway station and Shenzhen Customs Office With murmuring water, stone bridges, winding corridor, the architectural cluster of the hotel displays the south China gardening style and the art of the nature, the courtyard of the hotel is densely covered with ever green bamboo groves while rocks and fountains harmonize with varieties of exotic flowers and rare plants. It is really a fascination rendezvous.

    Xinwangchao Hotel Shenzhen Map Xinwangchao Hotel Shenzhen    
    Xinwangchao Hotel ShenzhenFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 18.84km, 4.5km to city center 2km to Dongmen Street 4km to railway station 42km to airport, The Empire Hotel (Xinwangchao Jiudian) is within 20 minutes drive of Splendid China, Window of the World, Happy Valley and China Folk Cultural Village.

    Fengshun Hotel, Shenzhen Map Fengshun Hotel, Shenzhen    
    Fengshun Hotel, ShenzhenFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 19.1km, To Bao' an International airport: 50minutes drive To Luohu Railway station: 5 minutes drive, Fengshun Hotel (Shenzhen Fengshun Jiudian) is located on Dongmen Bei Lu, Shenzhen, close to Dongmen Commercial and Pedestrian Street. It is a 10-minute drive from the Luohu railway station and a 50-minute drive from Bao'an International Airport.

    Royal Century Hotel, Shenzhen Map Royal Century Hotel, Shenzhen    
    Royal Century Hotel, ShenzhenFrom the hotel to Dameisha Beach about 19.24km, 40km to Shenzhen Baoan Airport; 8km to Shenzhen Railway Station; 7km to downtown; 20km to exhibition center., Royal Century Hotel is located at Buji, Shenzhen which is the largest five-star level deluxe business hotel in Longgang District. It's operated and managed strictly according to international five-star level hotel standard. It covers anaver of 450,00 square meters, exist over 400 set guest rooms and furnished with food & beverages, recreation and fitness and business facilities. Our sincere, effective and complete service will ensure you to have a pleasant stay. Welcome back again!

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