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LijiangHotels location classification
  • Lijiang new train station

  • Lijiang Sanyi Airport

  • Puji Temple

  • Suhe Ancient Town

  • Yuquan Park

  • Baoshan stone city

  • Ancient Town of Lijiang

  • Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area

  • Laojunshan Scenic Area

  • Baisha Ancient Town

  • Tiger Leaping Gorge

  • Zhiyun Temple

  • Xiaoliangshan lizu Style

  • Zili Ancient Town

  • Judian Ancient Town

  • Lashihai

  • Mu Palace

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    Lijiang is a beautiful city of Yunnan (with a long history of over 800 years) that has perfectly preserved its architecture. The main attractions are the ancient homes of the Naxi people (one of the ethnic minorities of China), the canals (surrounded by willows) that cover every area of the city and about 350 bridges that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Lijiang has been registered by UNESCO as World Heritage since 1997. In recent years his reputation as an ancient and enchanting city has reached the international tourism bringing a strong growth of visitors.
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    Lijiang District Hotels: Gucheng Xincheng

    Baisha Holiday Resort Lijiang Map Baisha Holiday Resort Lijiang    
    Baisha Holiday Resort Lijiang
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Normal Standard room 24.00 USDBook
    Normal Standard Room 28.00 USDBook
    Normal Standard Room 30.00 USDBook

    - Baisha Holiday Resort Lijiang, invested by Yunnan Adventure Travel, is located in Baisha Ancient Town in the Eastern Himalayas of Yunnan Province, in a plush valley at 2450m elevation, at the foothills of majestic, snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

    The Bruce Chalet, Lijiang Map The Bruce Chalet, Lijiang    
    The Bruce Chalet, Lijiang
    Type of Room2019- Price/Room
    Normal Standard Room 31.00 USDBook
    Big Bed Room 35.00 USDBook
    Family Room 48.00 USDBook

    - The Bruce Chalet (Naxi Mingzhu Dujiaju Kezhan)is conveniently located within a ten-minute walk to the Shuhe Ancient Town and a short bus ride to central Lijiang, in a quiet neighbourhood underneath the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain surrounded by picturesque scenery.

    Lijiang Wonderport  International Hotel Map Lijiang Wonderport International Hotel    
    Lijiang Wonderport  International HotelDistance from the airport: 29km Distance from the city center: 3km Distance from the nearby business center: 3km - Lijiang Treasure Harbor International Hotel is designed and constructed according to platinum five star standard. The hotel is located in Lijiang city area with favonian Xiangshan Mountain and limpid Qingxi Reservoir in the east and grand supernatural Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and ancient Shuhe town in the north. In the west direction, the hotel faces city main street --- Shangri-La Road. Looking into the south distance from the hotel, Dayan ancient town, which is called " World Cultural Heritage", is unfolded in the city area. The hotel is close to all of these famous beautiful sceneries.

    Lijiang Dianjun Wang Hotel Map Lijiang Dianjun Wang Hotel    
    Lijiang Dianjun Wang HotelSenLong Hotel is just situated in the south of the Old Town, very convenient for visitor to stroll in the town. - Just situated in the south of the Old Town, very convenient visitor to stroll in the town.

    Lijiang International Hotel Map Lijiang International Hotel    
    Lijiang International HotelDistance from the airport: 30km Distance from the adjacent business area: 1km - The international hotel of Lijiang is invested by the real estate Co., Ltd. of seven stars of Yunnan Province, and built according to the international five-star standard. With more than 30, 000 square meters of construction area, it lies in Lijiang of Yunnan Province, the well-known city of world cultural heritage.

    Chateau L'Act Hotel ,Lijiang (Original Pariday Sun Holiday Hotel) Map Chateau L'Act Hotel ,Lijiang (Original Pariday Sun Holiday Hotel)    
    Chateau L'Act Hotel ,Lijiang (Original Pariday Sun Holiday Hotel)within walking distance to major shopping centers and entertainment areas, just 5 minutes by taxi to Bus station, 10 minutes by taxi to train station, 25 minutes by taix to Li Jiang international airport. - Chateau L'Act Hotel is invested and contribuilt by YunNan FuGuo Investment Ltd. Co. and is managed by Chateau L'Act Investment & management co. This five star unique feature hotel was assembled YunNan Naxi traditional culture, tibetan buddhism secertly civilization, and the modern hotel lifestyle.

    Adange Hotel, Lijiang Map Adange Hotel, Lijiang    
    Adange Hotel, LijiangLocated 2kms to the city center. 28kms to the airport. 33kms to the Yulong Snow Moutain (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain). - The Adange is a 4-star hotel located in the business center on Middle-Snow Mountain Road, giving you easy access to all points of Lijiang City. It is only a 10-minute drive to the Lijiang Ancient City. Public transportation available.

    Dexin Hotel, Lijiang Map Dexin Hotel, Lijiang     Wireless Internet
    Dexin Hotel, LijiangTo city center: 1km, to railway station: 8km, to airport: 26km, to Exhibition center: 1km. Surrounding lanscape: Wooden Goverment, Ancient city Nanmen Square, Square street, Heilong pond, Yulong jokul, Tiger jump gorge, Yuquan park, Naxi culture corridor, Shuhe ancient town, Baisha fresco - Lijiang Dexin Hotel is the traveling and sightseeing commercial hotel, which is built according to 4-star standard, located on the famous international cultural heritage site; in Nanmen, Lijiang ancient city, it expresses the building style adequately where Naxi's residenters live in, its building mixed with the Naxi's traditional culture, simple and unsophisticated, open out the feature of the ancient people's residence adequately, "Three lane – Shine wall", "Gallop turns turret", stand on the courtyard, through the corridor, you will see the Naxi's culture incisively and vividly.

    Sanhe Hotel Lijiang Map Sanhe Hotel Lijiang    
    Sanhe Hotel Lijiang30kms to the Airport. 2kms to the coach bus station. 0km to the city center - The Hotel is located in the garden region of Lijiang Old Downtown. As a historical cultural hotel, the hotel is in Chinese-style. The hotel offers 29 standard rooms, 2 standard triple rooms, and 1 suite. Each room is equipped with Internet access, IP telephone, private bathroom, TV.

    Golden Spring Hotel Map Golden Spring Hotel    
    Golden Spring Hotelfrom the city center: 0.5KM; from the airport: 27 KM - Lijiang Golden Spring Hotel, a business and tourism hotel, was built according to the criterion of 4-star hotel.It situates at Middle Section of Shangri-la Avenue. The Heilongtan Park is in the east of the hotel, and the Gaokuai Bus Station is in the west of the hotel.

    Lijiang Huama Hotel Map Lijiang Huama Hotel    
    Lijiang Huama HotelThe hotel is convenient transportation, to beautiful Black Dragon Park only 300 meters, Ancient City 1.5 km, to Shuhe Ancient City 4 km, Yulong Snow Mountain 25 km, the Lashi Lake 9 km, Yangtze River 55 km. - The hotel is located in Lijiang Horse and Tea Caravans Hua Ma Tourism Culture Street, surrounded by all kinds of recreation, leisure, catering, shopping.

    Lijiang King Han International Hotel Map Lijiang King Han International Hotel    
    Lijiang King Han International Hotel- to New Bus Station: 1 km - to Sanyi Airport: 28 km - to South Railway Station: 5 km - Lijiang King Han International Hotel is located in the administrative center, the bustling commercial area, adjacent to the Ancient Town of Lijiang, and convenient transportation. The hotel is surrounded by Municipal Plaza and other commercial entertainment outlets. Elegant hotel environment, away from the hustle and bustle, good facilities, excellent service, is a great choice for business guests, organizing various conferences and leisure.

    Golden Path Hospitality , Lijiang Map Golden Path Hospitality , Lijiang    
    Golden Path Hospitality , LijiangThe Jin Fu Hotel is located in the Ancient Town of Lijiang, within walking distance to Square Street, Mufu Palace and Wangu Tower, the hotel is just about 10 minutes' drive from Heilongtan Park and Passenger Station. Jinshan Raiwlay Station is 15 minutes' drive away. It also takes about 45 minutes by taxi to Sanyi Airport. - Golden Path Hospitality , Lijiang is located in the Ancient Town of Lijiang, within walking distance to Square Street, Mufu Palace and Wangu Tower. With the beautiful Jade River flowing inside, the hotel is just about 10 minutes' drive from Heilongtan Park and Passenger Station. Jinshan Raiwlay Station is 15 minutes' drive away. It also takes about 45 minutes by taxi to Sanyi Airport.

    Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang Hotel Map Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang Hotel     Wireless Internet
    Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang HotelDistance from Dayan Old Town: 6km; Distance from Lijiang International Airport:30km - Conifer Li Shui Yang Guang Hotel is the exclusive 5-star standard hotel inside the Shuhe Old Town of Lijiang, which is classified as one of the World Major Cultural Heritages. The Shuhe Old Town is situated to the south of the mysterious & majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, laced with canals and small bridges. Jiuding Dragon Pool, Sifang Market Square, Tea-horse Square, Listen Music in Sifang, Tea-horse Ancient Road Museum etc. all those main scene spots are near at hand. The hotel's strategic location ensures swift, simple links to Dayan, another Old Town (just 6 km) and the Lijiang International Airport (about 30 km). All are easily accessible via public transportation.

    Wangfu Hotel,Lijiang Map Wangfu Hotel,Lijiang     Wireless Internet
    Wangfu Hotel,LijiangDistance from airport: 28km Distance from the nearby business center: 0.5km Distance from city center: 1km Surrounding scenic spots: Shuhe Old Town, Black Dragon Pool Park, Sanjiang World Heritage Park, Mu Residence - Situated amid the many hotels and guesthouses of Lijiang, Lijiang Wangfu hotel is charming and unique with its simple and graceful architecture. Complete with small courtyards, gates, and waterside pavilions, the hotel peaceful surrounding environment resembles a traditional Chinese landscape painting.

    Lijiang Old town Bamboo garden Hotel Map Lijiang Old town Bamboo garden Hotel    
    Lijiang Old town Bamboo garden HotelBamboo garden hotel locates in flourishing " World culture heritage" -----Lijian Dayan old town jade river square - Bamboo garden hotel locates in flourishing " World culture heritage" -----Lijian Dayan old town jade river square, it has ethnic scene which has Naxi characteristic circle courtyard, red pillar, maneuvering corridor, with River south bamboo, flower hall, water, it is an exquisite garden like hotel.

    Meiyu Hotel, Lijiang Map Meiyu Hotel, Lijiang    
    Meiyu Hotel, Lijiang30 minutes' drive to the airport, 8 minutes to the old city - Meiyu Hotel is a four-star standard hotel with Naxi style recreational villa. It is also the first hotel in Lijiang which introduces the follow-up servant service as well as to carry out the honored membership system. Meiyu Hotel locates in the Guadaiguo Villa quarter in Lijiang of Yunnan province with nice environment and convenient transportation, adjoining the Old Town which owns three World Cultural Heritages.

    Courier Inn Lijiang(Former Bonan Clubhouse, Lijiang) Map Courier Inn Lijiang(Former Bonan Clubhouse, Lijiang)    
    Courier Inn Lijiang(Former Bonan Clubhouse, Lijiang)To the airport: 40km - Courier Inn Lijiang is located in the northwest of the town. It opened in 2006. The design is in the Naxi ethnic style. It faces Baita Temple, with Lion Mountain in the back, Yulong Bridge to the left, and Wangu Building to the right. It is the best place for people to view the whole of the old town.

    Zen Garden Hotel (Wuyi Yard ) ,Lijiang Map Zen Garden Hotel (Wuyi Yard ) ,Lijiang     Wireless Internet
    Zen Garden Hotel (Wuyi Yard ) ,LijiangTo the airport: 30km To the railway station of Lijiang: 3km To the downtown: 0km - In the historic city of Lijiang, there is an elegant hotel just inside the old town section called the Zen Garden Hotel. Local just 100 meters from the centre street, it is close enough to easily reach the historic section, yet far enough so the noise of the town will not disturb your rest. We have 16 comfortable which include 14 standard rooms and 2 special rooms.

    Liwang Hotel, Lijiang Map Liwang Hotel, Lijiang     Wireless Internet
    Liwang Hotel, Lijiangonly 3minutes by walk, 2kms away from city center, opposite to Yulong snowy mountain, back to lion mountain, to west is pilgrimage shrine of wooden maiden name Tusi--white horse dragon pond temple. After 45 minutes flight from Kunming Yunnan, you will arrive at our hotel later soon. - The Liwang Hotel, Lijiang, a four-star hotel stands at the south gate square of the Lijiang ancient city -- the ' world heritage', a beautiful shining jewel on the Northwest Yunnan Province. The Hotel is proudly managed by professional teams from Yuannan Zhongrui Real-estate Pty Ltd with the recent renovation in 2007. Enjoying the convenient location and iconic view, the hotel earns its reputation from its guests and colleges.

    Lijiang My Home Boutique Hotel(Maihao International Hotel) Map Lijiang My Home Boutique Hotel(Maihao International Hotel)    
    Lijiang My Home Boutique Hotel(Maihao International Hotel)Distance from the airport: 25km Distance from the city center: 2km Distance from the nearby business center: 2km - Maihao International Hotel is located in Shuhe Old Town, Lijiang, the starting of Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road in history.

    Brook and Bridge Inn ,Lijiang Map Brook and Bridge Inn ,Lijiang     Wireless Internet
    Brook and Bridge Inn ,LijiangTo airport: 25 km To long-distance bus station: 0.8 km To Square Street(Sifangjie): 0.4 km - Water is the soul of Lijiang. The Brook and Bridge Inn is located right next to the clear Yuhe River and the famous southern gate bridge of Lijiang. The river runs along our lovely and peaceful courtyard, from where you can see its clear water calmly flowing by. Our courtyard is a great place to enjoy the year-round sunshine, read books, drink tea, use the Internet, feed the fish, and listen to the sound of the stream. Sometimes you can see local children come to the river to catch fish, which gives you a unique look into local customs.

    Shofo Boutique Hotel Lijiang Map Shofo Boutique Hotel Lijiang    
    Shofo Boutique Hotel LijiangTo Sanyi Airport 30KM, about 30 minutes. To Station 7KM, about 10 minutes. To Bus station 5KM, about 10 minutes. To City center 1KM, about 3 minutes. To Xuelong mountain 30KM - Situated central location, Lijiang Shaofo Boutique Hotel is within easy reach of most tourist attractions and business addresses in Lijiang City. All 58 at this 5-star property offers well-furnished rooms and attentive service. Each guestroom is fully equipped with non smoking rooms, air conditioning, bathrobes, daily newspaper, desk. The amenities and services offered at this Lijiang City accommodation include room service 24hr, bar/pub, laundry service/dry cleaning, meeting facilities , restaurant, room service, safety deposit boxes. This hotel is characterized by a combination of modern comfort and traditional element of Lijiang City, making it a distinct accommodation.

    Lijiang Shuhe Jinlu Boutique Hotel Map Lijiang Shuhe Jinlu Boutique Hotel    
    Lijiang Shuhe Jinlu Boutique Hotel - The Lijiang Lu House Boutiqe Hotel (Lijiang Jinjingpin Jiudian) is a boutique style hotel located in Shuhe Ancient town district of Lijiang on Renli Rd near Jiren Hospital and offers a free day of shuttle service anywhere in the city for those staying 3 days or more.

    Lijiang blog Inn Map Lijiang blog Inn    
    Lijiang blog InnRailway Station South Lijiang Railway Station 15 km Airport Lijiang Sanyi Airport 26 km Downtown Sifang Street 0.3 km - Situated within walking distance from Sifang Street, the Blog Inn (Boke Kezhan) sits back against Lion Mountain. About a 35-minute will see guests to Lijiang Sanyi Airport.

    Chuntianli Hostel, Lijiang Map Chuntianli Hostel, Lijiang    
    Chuntianli Hostel, LijiangLijiang Sanyi Airport 30 km Lijiang Railway Station 15 km - In Spring Hostel (Chuntianli Hostel) is located in Shuhe, an ancient city nestled in the forest, on a plateau 2,400 meters above sea level, at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

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