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    Qiandao Hu, located in Chun'an County, west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province is one of the first-class national scenic spots and is the largest national forest park at present. The lake covers five hundred and seventy square kilometers including over one thousand islands of different sizes.
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    Tachee Island Holiday Hotel Map Tachee Island Holiday Hotel    
    Tachee Island Holiday HotelQiandaohu Town is located in the west of Hangzhou, one can take the bus from the Hangzhou West Bus Stop to the hotel. About 7 kilometers to the tower center; 2 hours drive from Hangzhou. - Hangzhou Tachee Island Holiday Hotel, located in the famous travel scenery district - Qiandaohu, was built according to five-star international standards. The combination of the beautiful, natural scenery and modern bulidings make it an ideal place for travel or conferences.

    Qiandao lake Hotel Map Qiandao lake Hotel    
    Qiandao lake HotelThe view around: The lake, forest oxygen bar in thousand islet lake. - Hangzhou thousand island Gaoqiao lake hotel, situated at beautiful AAAA Class sight area Zhejiang Chunan thousand lake town city center, is a three star standard foreign related hotel which combine accommodation, delicious food, entertainment, business together hotel

    QianDao lake Building Hotel Map QianDao lake Building Hotel    
    QianDao lake Building HotelAway city :0.1km, Away downtown business district:0.2km; Surrounding landscape : thousand islet scene, Nongfu mountain spring industry base - QianDao lake Building Hotel, located along the picturesque One Thousand Island Lake, is a brand-new hotel related to tourism and foreign trade which is built in accordance with the 4-star standard. The hotel is very convenient in transportation, only 1 minute' s driving to the long-distance bus station and 3 minutes' driving to the quay.

    Qiandaohu Lakeview Houseboat Hotel&Resort Map Qiandaohu Lakeview Houseboat Hotel&Resort    
    Qiandaohu Lakeview Houseboat Hotel&ResortTo the airport: 160 km To the business center: 3km - Qiandaohu is described as a green kingdom and natural oxygen bar. Water is the best sightseeing of it. Lakeview Houseboat Hotel&Resort locates on No.469 Sunshine Road Qiandao Town Chun' an Zhejiang. It is a multifunctional hotel combining accommodation, catering, and amusement according to the standard of 4 star hotels. The hotel and Qiandaohu merges to a new scenery.

    Qiandaohu New Yuli Business Hotel Map Qiandaohu New Yuli Business Hotel    
    Qiandaohu New Yuli Business HotelAway from city center:0km Away from train station: 1km Away from Xiaoshan airport: 60km Away from long-distance bus station:1km - The hotel is located in the 4 A scenic zone—Qiandao county. It is the only star superior business hotel in this area established according to the 4 star hotel standard.

    Thousands-of-Islands Haiwaihai Holiday Hotel Map Thousands-of-Islands Haiwaihai Holiday Hotel    
    Thousands-of-Islands Haiwaihai Holiday HotelFrom Long distance bus station only need about 1 minutes, and to travel wharf need about 3 minutes. - It is located in the scenery beautiful Qiandao Lake bankIs present Qiandao Lake only 11 scales biggest four-star touches on foreign affairs the hotel.The hotel is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, the transportation is convenient, is apart from long-distance passenger station only 1 minute by car, traveling wharf 3 minutes by car.

    Elan Inn Qiandao Lake - Hangzhou Map Elan Inn Qiandao Lake - Hangzhou    
    Elan Inn Qiandao Lake - Hangzhou5.5km from Qiandaohu Square. - Elan combines individuality, and at the same time the guarantee of quality, caring and the security of a major new brand. Elan inn-Qiandao Lake Hangzhou is located Qiandaohu zhongxin lake ferry. Hotelis located only 150 kilometers from Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan, both famous for being known as the back garden of the Yangtze delta.

    Cheng Zhong Hu Hotel, QiandaoHu Map Cheng Zhong Hu Hotel, QiandaoHu    
    Cheng Zhong Hu Hotel, QiandaoHuTo the Qiandaohu: 0km To the center lake dock: 2km To the southeast lake dock: 0.2km To the coach bus station: 0.1km To the city center: 0km - Cheng Zhong Hu hotel locates beside the beautiful Qiandaohu Lake. It is facing the southeastern lake area and right to the Qiangdaohu Square, and within hundreds steps from the coach station. Surround the hotel, there is amusement, catering, and shopping centers.

    Longting New Century Hotel Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou Map Longting New Century Hotel Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou    
    Longting New Century Hotel Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou- 1km to Chunan coach station; - 2km to Chunan Stadium; - 3km to Qiandao Lake Tour Ferry; - 10km to Shenlong Island; - 186km to Hangzhou Airport. - As the landmark of Qiandaohu, Longting New Century Hotel Qiandao Lake is situated at the 4A national scenic area - Qiandaohu.

    Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Yinyu Hotel Map Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Yinyu Hotel    
    Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Yinyu HotelRailway Station Hangzhou Railway Station 130 km Airport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 140 km Downtown Qiandaohu Square 1.78 km - The Yinyu Hotel Qiandao Lake (Qiandaohu Yinyu Binguan) is situated by the Jiangbin Park, about a two-minute drive from the vibrant downtown area and a three-minute drive from Xiushui Street.

    Hope Island Resort, Qiandaohu Map Hope Island Resort, Qiandaohu    
    Hope Island Resort, QiandaohuAirport Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 139 km Downtown Qiandaohu Square 5 km - The Hope Island Resort (Qiandaohu Wangdao Dujia Jiudian) is a full-service hotel located in the beautiful Thousand Island Lake scenic area.

    Hehe Farmhouse, Qiandaohu Map Hehe Farmhouse, Qiandaohu    
    Hehe Farmhouse, Qiandaohu - The Hehe Farmhouse (Hehe Nongzhuang) is located just 2.7 km (1.7 mi) away from downtown Chun'an by cab.

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