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Xiamen Travel Introduction

     Xiamen is a coastal city located in the southeast coast of China popularly known as the 'Garden on the Sea.' An early poet once described the city in this way: 'A city leans on stones like a flower; millions of mountains embrace the sea,' which was a true portrayal of the scenery of 'Garden on the Sea.' Xiamen is one of the special economical zones and a city of sub-provincial level directly attached to the central government in planning. The city was elected as 'State Gardening and Afforestation Model City' by the State Construction Ministry. It was honored with the title of 'State Hygienic City' in 1996 and the title of ' State Garden City' and 'State Environmental Protection Model City' in 1997. Xiamen has been called the Egret Island because of the hundreds of thousands of egrets inhabiting there. This is due to the beautiful natural scenery, the fresh air and the clean environment of the city.
     The well-known Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple and other tourist areas like Jimei, Wanshiyan, etc. are highly recommended. A sea tourist line is also available for you to enjoy the amazing scenery of many beautiful small islands around. Gulangyu and Xiamen were also the "Birthplace of Chinese Protestantism" with China's oldest Protestant churches. Music & Arts Tour : The "Isle of Music," or "Piano Island," has more pianos per capita than any other city in China, Asia's largest piano museum, and has produced dozens of famous musicians. Gulangyu has back and forth boat from city. Sunshine Stone Jiaozhuang Garden, Zhengchenggong Memorial Hall and other main travel place.
     Minnan’s famous ancient South Putuo temple located under the urban areas of Southeast Five peaks, it covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, inside of the temple the main building is heavenly king Hall, Hall of Great Strength, Great Compassion Hall and other magnificent halls. The vegetable of "vegetable dish house" with elaborate cooking is famous.
     The 10,000 Rock Botanical Garden (Wanshi Zhiwuyuan ), has many rocks, and beautifully landscaped trails winding amongst 20+ nurseries with over 5,300 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants, many found nowhere else on earth.Tiger Stream Temple (Huxi Yan Si ) is on the west side of Drunk Immortal Mtn. (Zuixian Mtn.), near the Botanical Garden. It's said a tiger lived in one of the caves, so the stone "Immortals' Bridge" is also called "Cross the Tiger Bridge" . The area's known for its ancient calligraphic inscriptions on boulders. Tiger Stream Night Moon (Huxi Yeyue). Locals say that on the 15th of the Lunar month, the moon shining upon the clay Buddhist figurines and the clay tiger makes them appear to come alive, and on the evening of Mid-autumn Festival, thousands of pilgrims vie to be the first to watch the moon work its magic.
     The botanical garden's other temples include Crag in the Clouds Temple (Yunzhongyan Si ), Pacific Crag Temple (Taipingyan Si ), White Deer Cave Temple (Bailudong Si ), Purple Cloud Crag Temple (Ziyunyan Si ), Purple Bamboo Grove Temple (Zizhulin), Immortal Crag Temple and Sweet Dew Temple (Ganlu Si ). The South Fujian Buddhist College's nunnery is in the Purple Bamboo Grove Temple. Lying in the sub-tropical Zone, Xiamen has maritime climate and congenial, spring-like weather in four seasons. Except for August typhoon Season, other time is good period to go boating for sea view.
     Xiamen has distinctive sightseeing sea line, first yacht around Gulangy can enjoy the magnificent sea garden landscape, and then yacht to south Tai-wu-chi, you can can see a group of islanda protect Xiamen in the end of a crescent-shaped Gulf, including large and small Jinmen and Large Dan and Second Dan islands.

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