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Home Inn reservation of chain hotels, Home Inn reservation of chain hotels.

    Home Inns was founded in 2002 with a ground breaking vision of a new kind of comfortable lodging experience throughout China. With professional and courteous service, comfortable rooms, convenient locations, and prices that make sense for individual business and leisure travelers, Home Inns is helping to redefine travel in China for the 21st century.Our extensive hotel network distinguishes us from our competition. As of June 30 2008, we operated a total of 366 hotels in 79 different cities across China and we have covered 98 cities including hotels contracted. Our goal is to continue expanding to ensure that we are the hotel of choice for China’s growing number of travel consumers.

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Fu Zhou Literary Fashion Hotel

FuzhouFu Zhou Literary Fashion Hotel
From the town center: 0 km; from train station: 6 km; from airport: 45 km; from 51 Square: 2 km.

Home Inn Tianhe Park - Guangzhou

GuangZhouHome Inn Tianhe Park - Guangzhou
6km from Guangzhou East Railway Station; 12km from Guangzhou Railway Station; 35km from Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport.

Home Inn Teemall - Guangzhou

GuangZhouHome Inn Teemall - Guangzhou
Railway Station Guangzhou East Railway Station 2 km Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station 6.57 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 27.67 km Exhibition Center/Stadium Tianhe Sports Center 0.5 km

Home Inn Jianshe Road - Kunming

KunmingHome Inn Jianshe Road - Kunming
Downtown Dongfeng Square 3 km Railway Station Kunming Railway Station 8 km Airport Kunming Wujiaba Airport 10.09 km Road/Landmark Nanping Pedestrian Street 2 km

Home Inn - Ningbo Yuehu Branch

NingboHome Inn - Ningbo Yuehu Branch
0km to the city center; 2kms to the railway station; 7kms to the airport; 2kms to the long-distance bus station; Surrounding landscape: Yuehu Park, Tianyi Pavilion, Town God's Temple

Home Inn-Luxun Park Branch

ShanghaiHome Inn-Luxun Park Branch
Distance from the city center: 0.5km Distance from the railway station: 6km Distance from Hongqiao airport: 25km (70km from Pudong airport) Nearby scenic spots: the business area in North Sichuan Road, celebrity street, Hongkou football ground

Home Inn  - Shanghai quyang business branch

ShanghaiHome Inn - Shanghai quyang business branch
Near to Quyang Business, Wujiaochang, North Sichuan Road business circle, 5 minutes' walking to the subway line 3 Daboshu subway station. The hotel is adjacent to the famous Quyang Park, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Tongji University.

Homeinns Hotels Shanghai Hongqiao

ShanghaiHomeinns Hotels Shanghai Hongqiao
Distance from the south bus station: 8km; Distance from the south railway station: 9.5km; Distance from the city center: 11km;

Home Inn-Shanghai Lujiazui Branch

ShanghaiHome Inn-Shanghai Lujiazui Branch
- 5km to People's Square; - 9.5km to New International Exhibition Center; - 9km to Shanghai railway station; - 10km to coach station; - 20km to Hongqiao Airport; - 34km to Pudong Airport.

Home Inn-Shanghai Shiji Gongyuan Branch

ShanghaiHome Inn-Shanghai Shiji Gongyuan Branch
It is 10kms from the heart of town. 15kms from the railway station. 33kms from the Pudong Airport. 7kms to Lujiazui Financial center in Pudong. Near the Century Park and Shanghai New International Exhibition Center in Pudong.

Home Inn-Shanghai Dabaishu Branch

ShanghaiHome Inn-Shanghai Dabaishu Branch
To Airport: 19km; To Pudong Airport: 45km; To Shanghai Railway Station: 7km; To Shanghai South Railway Station: 22km; To Shanghai subway line 3: 0.7km; To Downtown: 10km.

Home Inn Dongmen Shennan East Road - Shenzhen

ShenzhenHome Inn Dongmen Shennan East Road - Shenzhen
Downtown Dongmen Pedestrian Street 1 km Airport Shenzhen Baoan International Airport 27 km Railway Station Shenzhen West Railway Station 23.87 km Railway Station Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station 1 km

Agriculture exhibition home inn

BeijingAgriculture exhibition home inn
Away city center driving need 15 minutes, away Beijing railway station driving need 15 minutes, away capital airport driving need 20 minutes.

Home Inn-Beijing Zhanlanguan Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Zhanlanguan Branch
Home Inn Beijing Exhibition Center - Beijing Location & Transportation:33km to Capital airport; 8km to Beijing railway station; 5km to Beijing west railway station; 2km to Xizhimen coach station

Home Inn-Beijing Anhuaqiao Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Anhuaqiao Branch
Home Inn Anhua Bridge - Beijing Location & Transportation:25km to Capital Airport, 8km to Beijing Station, 8km to West Station, 8km to Tian'anmen, 7km to Wangfujing, 5km to exhibition center

Home Inn-Beijing Beiweilu Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Beiweilu Branch
10 minutes' walking to the Temple of Heaven

Home Inn-Beijing Beixinqiao Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Beixinqiao Branch
To the airport: 22km To Beijing Railway Station: 4km To Worker's Gymnasium: 3.5km To downtown: 3km Surroundings: Lama Temple, the Temple of Earth

Home Inn-Beijing Fangzhuang Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Fangzhuang Branch

Home Inn-Beijing Jingsong Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Jingsong Branch

Home Inn-Binjing Dewai Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Binjing Dewai Branch
To airport: 30km To railway station: 8km To downtown: 5km

Home Inn-Beijing Ciyunsiqiao Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Ciyunsiqiao Branch
Home Inn Ciyunsiqiao - Beijing Location & Transportation:25km (25-min-drive) to Capital Airport, 9km (20-min-drive) to Beijing Station, 18km (40-min-drive) to West Station, 2km(less than10-min-drive) to Sihui coach station, 11km (25-min-drive) to Tian'anmen, 21km (25-min-drive) to exhibition center

Home Inn-Beijing Yizhuangtianhuaxilu Branch

BeijingHome Inn-Beijing Yizhuangtianhuaxilu Branch
- 10-min-walk to subway line 2 Xizhimen station; - 5-min-walk to subway line 4 Xinjiekou station; - 1.5km to Beijing Exhibition Center; - 10km to Beijing Station; - 28km to Capital Airport

Home Inn Gaosheng Bridge - Chengdu

ChengduHome Inn Gaosheng Bridge - Chengdu
10-min-walk to wuhouci and Jinli Ancient Steet

Home Inn - Chengdu Wuhou Dadao

ChengduHome Inn - Chengdu Wuhou Dadao
To the airport: 15km To the railway station: 15km To downtown: 8km To the coach station: 5km To Maluoshi CBD: 6km

Home Inns - Humen Taishalu Inn

DongguanHome Inns - Humen Taishalu Inn
To Dongguan Railway Station: 51.6km; To Bao' an Airport: 40km

Home Inns-Dongguan Changping Railway Station Inn

DongguanHome Inns-Dongguan Changping Railway Station Inn
To downtown: 15km To Shenzhen Baoan International Airport: 70km To Dongguan Railway Station: 0.2km

Home Inn (Lanzhou Tianshui Rd)

LanzhouHome Inn (Lanzhou Tianshui Rd)
To downtown (km): 2 To railway station (km): 3 To airport (km): 75 To Coach Station (km):3

Home inn Nanjing longpan Television station inn

NanjingHome inn Nanjing longpan Television station inn
Traffic: distance from pedant temple: 1km, distance from new street: 3km, distance from railway station: 8km.

Home Inn (Wuhan Wuchang Xiaodongme)

WuhanHome Inn (Wuhan Wuchang Xiaodongme)
5 minutes' driving from Wuchang Railway Station and Fujiapo Bus Terminal, adjacent to Mid-South Business circles, government agencies, Wuhan University, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, and Simen Kou shopping street.

Home inn-Xiamen Railway station Jinbang Road Branch

XiamenHome inn-Xiamen Railway station Jinbang Road Branch
0.3km from City center and Railway; 10km from Airport.

Home Inns-Xiamen Guomao Branch

XiamenHome Inns-Xiamen Guomao Branch
Distance from the city center:0km; Distance from Songbai long distance bus station :2km; Distance from Hubin South long distance bus station :3km; exclude government fund RMB5 per person per night. Distance from the railway station:1.1km; Distance from the airport:10.8km;

Xiamen yueting hotel(Home Inn Xianyue Road - Xiamen)

XiamenXiamen yueting hotel(Home Inn Xianyue Road - Xiamen)
Bus Station/Dock/Port Ferry Terminal 6 km Bus Station/Dock/Port Songbai Bus Station 3 km Shopping Center Taiwan Street 2 km Airport Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport 10 km Railway Station Xiamen Railway Station 5 km Downtown Zhongshan Road 5 km

Home Inn (YanTai World Square Hotel)

YantaiHome Inn (YanTai World Square Hotel)

Home Inn Zhongshan Fuhua Road

ZhongshanHome Inn Zhongshan Fuhua Road
20km to exhibition center, 20km to harbor, 1km to coach station

Home Inn Chongqing Daping Hotel

ChongqingHome Inn Chongqing Daping Hotel
Distance from the airport: 40km Distance from Chongqing railway station: 4.5km (26km from Longtoushi railway station) Distance from the city center:8.5km Distance from the cultural palace:4km

Home Inn-Renmin Square Branch Jingdezhen

JingdezhenHome Inn-Renmin Square Branch Jingdezhen
To Airport: about 10km, about 30 minute drive; To Railway Station: about 1 km, about 10 minute drive; To Long Coach bus terminal: about 3.5, about 15 minutes drive.

Home inns-Nantong China park inn

NantongHome inns-Nantong China park inn
Distance railway station: 8km Dstance airport: 20km Distance city center: 0km Distance wolf mountain Scenic spot driving need 15 minutes.

Home Inns - Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Museum Inn

QuanzhouHome Inns - Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Museum Inn
To Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport: 16.3km To Quanzhou Railway Station: 4.2km To downtown: 3km

Home Inns-Wuyishan Dawangfeng Inn

WuyishanHome Inns-Wuyishan Dawangfeng Inn
To Wuyishan Airport: 8km To Wuyishan Railway Station: 12km To downtown: 12km

Home Inn- Dayongfucheng Branch, Zhangjiajie

ZhangjiajieHome Inn- Dayongfucheng Branch, Zhangjiajie
To the railway station: 7km To the airport: 6km To the coach station: 0.6km

Home Inn Jiefang Road, Maanshan

MaanshanHome Inn Jiefang Road, Maanshan
Located at downtown, 1km to railway station, 0.8km to coach station

Home Inn -- Stone Lion Road Branch

ShishiHome Inn -- Stone Lion Road Branch
To the railway station:30km To the airport: 10km To the downtonw: 0km

Home inns - Yueyang Railway Station

YueyangHome inns - Yueyang Railway Station
Distance to railway station: 0.5km Distance to coach station: 1km

Home Inn-Bengbu huaihe road branch

BengbuHome Inn-Bengbu huaihe road branch
Located downtown, 2km to railway station ,12km to airport,

Home Inn-Changshu Henshan Road Branch

ChangshuHome Inn-Changshu Henshan Road Branch
Distance from downtown:3.2km

Home Inn Linyi Jinqueshan Shop

LinyiHome Inn Linyi Jinqueshan Shop
To Linyi Airport: 10km To Linyi Long-way bus station: 6km To downtown: 3km

Home Inn Changbaishan Road ,Yanji

YanjiHome Inn Changbaishan Road ,Yanji
Distance from the airport: 5km Distance from the railway station(Yanji Station): 1km Distance from downtown:3km

Home Inn-Dezhou Railway Station Branch

DezhouHome Inn-Dezhou Railway Station Branch
1km to municipal government in downtown; 1.5km to New lake scenic area; 200m to Dezhou railway station

Home Inn Xindongfang Plaza, Liaocheng

LiaochengHome Inn Xindongfang Plaza, Liaocheng
4km to Liaocheng Railway Station; 2km to Liaocheng Coach Station; 2km to Liaocheng Coach Station and west Coach Station

Home Inn-Binzhou Bohai 9th Road Branch

BinzhouHome Inn-Binzhou Bohai 9th Road Branch
2.5km to coach station, 1.5km to Yinzuo

Home Inn-Yancheng Kaifang Avenue Branch

YanchengHome Inn-Yancheng Kaifang Avenue Branch
To the airport: 17km To the railway station: 4km To downtown: 1.5km

Home Inn Railway Station,Qiqihar

QiqihaerHome Inn Railway Station,Qiqihar
3.4km to downtown, 0.5km to railway station, 14km to airport, 7.5km to exhibition center, 0.1km to coach statio

Home Inn-Qiqihar Longnan Street

QiqihaerHome Inn-Qiqihar Longnan Street
1.4km to downtown, 1.9km to railway station, 11.9km to airport, 7km to exhibition center, 2km to coach station

Home Inn-Wuwei West Avenue Branch

WuweiHome Inn-Wuwei West Avenue Branch
- 3.5km to Wuwei Railway Station; - 1.5km to Coach Station; - 22km to Desert Park; - 30km to Baita Temple.

Home Inn-Deyang Minjiang West Road Branch

DeyangHome Inn-Deyang Minjiang West Road Branch
5-min-walk to coach station; 10-min-drive to railway station

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