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  • Shanan Xi International Exhibition Center

  • Xi'an Railway Station

  • North Train Station High Speed

  • XI'an Xian Yang International Airport

  • Bell Tower

  • Xi'an City Wall

  • Terra Cotta Warriors Museum

  • Huaqing Hot Spring

  • Big Wild Goose Pagoda(Dayan Ta)

  • Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

  • Shaanxi History Museum

  • Shaanxi Province Stadium

  • Shaanxi Provincial TV Tower

  • Tang Paradise Theme Park

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    Xi'an, the historical city, was called Chang'an in ancient times, and is now the capital of Shaanxi province. It'is situated in the centre of Weihe Plain with the towering and verdant Mt.Qinling in the south, with the meandering and rolling Beishan mountain system in the north and eight rivers around it, all of which are at Guang Zhong Plain (the centre of passes).
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    Shaanxi History Museum, Xian Hotels List
    Xian District Hotels: Beilin Changan Lianhu Lintong Weicheng Weiyang Xincheng Yanta

    Xian Hotel Map Xian Hotel    
    Xian Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Room 256.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Standard Room 288.00 USDBook
    Business Standard Room 405.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 0.8km, 4km to the main train station, and 50 minutes by car to the airport. Located just outside of South Gate of Xi' an, 1km to the city center., The hotel situated right outside the city's South Gate, close to the famous Small Wild Goose Pagoda.There are 33 restaurants and 3 bars, 10 conference rooms, We also have business center, health center, recreation center, photo developing shop and a travel agency.

    Elite Hotel,  Xi'an Map Elite Hotel, Xi'an    
    Elite Hotel,  Xi'an
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Interior Twin Room 329.00 USDBook
    Interior Twin Room Included TwoBreakfast 379.00 USDBook
    View Twin Room 389.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 1.1km, Xiaozhai business district to the south, bell tower to the north, Yanta Road to the East, new- and high-tech development zone to the west, the hotel is locate in exit of Metro Line 2. It is 45km from airport and 7km from Railway Station., The Elite Hotel is a business hotel with the combination of accommodation, catering, leisure and holiday.

    Orient Hotel, Xian Map Orient Hotel, Xian    
    Orient Hotel, Xian
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Business Room B 418.00 USDBook
    Business Room 589.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 977.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 1.43km, The Orient Hotel is located in the cultural district of xi'an. It is about 6 km from the city centre, 10 km from the railway station and 70 km from the airport., The Orient Hotel is located in the cultural district of xi'an. It is about 6 km from the city centre. 10 km from the railway station. 70 km from the airport.

    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Bunisess Twin Room 338.00 USDBook
    Mini Room 348.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 359.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 2.41km, -- to Xianyang International Airport: 39.5km -- Xi'an Railway Station: 9.3km -- to Line 2 Xiaozhai Station: 1.8km, The Xi'an Yihe Palace Hotel is not only ideally located, but also has easy access to public transport. There is airport bus in front of the hotel, is a 10-minute walk from the metro station (Stadium Station) and offers direct access to Bell Tower. Only 10 minutes drive to the Bell Tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Small Wild Goose Pagoda. Just 10 minutes' drive from Xi'an High-tech Zone and 3 minutes walk to a large supermarket.

    Shaxi tietong shangwu hotel Map Shaxi tietong shangwu hotel    
    Shaxi tietong shangwu hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Standard Room 208.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Standard Room 236.00 USDBook

    From the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 2.46km, - 6km to Clock Tower; - 4.5km to Small Wild Goose Pagoda; - 10.5km to Xian Railway Station; - 40km to Xianyang Airport., Rail Telecom Commercial Hotel is 3 kilometers from the city center, 8 kilometers from the railway station and 60 kilometers from the Xianyang Airport.

    Super 8 Hotel-Dayanta Xian Map Super 8 Hotel-Dayanta Xian    
    Super 8 Hotel-Dayanta XianFrom the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 0.67km, To Xian Xianyang International Airport: 40km To Xian Railway Station: 9km To North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda: 10 minutes' walk, Super 8 Hotel-Dayanta Xian is located in the Xiaozhai business circles, within walking distance of the historical, cultural and ecological scenic spots, such as the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda which is the largest music fountain square of Asia, the Tang Paradise and the Shaanxi History Museum etc. The hotel is close to the Yanta West Road, Cuihua Road and the Datang Tong Yi Fang Street, so the transportantion is very convenient.

    Cien hotel ,Xian Map Cien hotel ,Xian    
    Cien hotel ,XianFrom the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 0.98km, From the town center: 5 kilometers from the railway station: 8 km, distance from airport: 45 km, from the Convention and Exhibition Center: 3 km, distance from the Clock Tower: 6.2 kilometers, Hotel has construction area of 5, 000 square meters, is collect room, restaurant, conference, open music book bar, Hanging Gardens of culture as a whole theme of the Tang-style hotel. Tang in the main line of historical and cultural story, through copying, poetry of expression, let the nobilities, literati and writers of Tang Dynasty show the life of the most meritorious, make the little-known Tang Dynasty' s entertainment, business, music and dance, costumes, religious, sports, ceramics, food, literature and other cultural vividly presented.

    Xi'an Garden Hotel Map Xi'an Garden Hotel    
    Xi'an Garden HotelFrom the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 1.35km, Distance from city center: 5 km, distance from Xi'an railway station: 5 km, distance from airport: 45km, Xi' an Garden Hotel is the first foreign hotel showed" Tang culture" in China, which is one member of Pacific Asia Travel Association. It borders on Tang Paradise in the east, on Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the west. Its construction style was melt in the Chinese traditional landscaping.<

    Tangcheng Hotel Xi'an Map Tangcheng Hotel Xi'an    
    Tangcheng Hotel Xi'anFrom the hotel to Shaanxi History Museum about 2.17km, The Tangcheng Hotel is located south of Xian, about 50kms to the Xianyang Airport and 3kms to the city center., Situated in the cultural district in the city.Its modern architectural exterior and Tang dynasty style forms a perfect contrast. The fully-equipped hotel, with its professional management and hospitily, will surely make your stay an integral part of experience in Xi`an.

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