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  • Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

  • Xiamen University

  • South Putuo Temple

  • Gulang Island

  • Zhongshan Road

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    Xiamen is located on the South China coast on an island of the same name. Xiamen was opened to foreign tourism in 1980. Numerous natural and historic attractions await visitors to the island, not least of which are the gleaming white?sand beaches and parkks scattered around the island.
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    Xiamen District Hotels: Gulangyu(Siming) Haicang Huli Jimei Siming

    Yunding Garden Hotel ,Xiamen Map Yunding Garden Hotel ,Xiamen    
    Yunding Garden Hotel ,Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Standard Twin Room 59.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 59.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 64.00 USDBook

    - 4.5km to Ruijing Commercial Plaza; - 4.5km to Xiamen International Convention Center; - 12km to Zhongshan Road; - 10km to Xiamen University; - 11.1km to Gaoqi Airport; - 7.26km to Xiamen Railway Station. - From Garden Hotel, you can view across the sea Taiwan Jinmen. And its back relies on the Yunding Crag, well known mountain in Xiamen, facing the sea, periphery four seasons evergreen, the air is fresh. The covering rate of the forest, afforested occupies the head of the Xiamen hotels. It is a ideal place for commercial conference, the leisure vacation. And it is the best choice for the guest who pursuing tranquil, enjoying the relaxed joyful life.

    Marine Garden Hotel ,Xiamen Map Marine Garden Hotel ,Xiamen    
    Marine Garden Hotel ,Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 114.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 114.00 USDBook
    Landscape Twin Room 129.00 USDBook

    3.6 km from the city center. Guest can walk from hotel to Panio dock, take ferry to Lundu dock, then walk to Zhongshan Road; 7km from the railway station. 16km from the airport. - sumptuous and great hall, loads down the eurpoean romantic feelings, is noble and cultured.Comfortable and grace coffee parlor, is a ideal place for guest resting, talking and chating .There are tranquil and enjoyable guest room of 88 styles, The room is established with the IC card electronics door and all-weather central air condition. The service facilities is complete, comfortable and safety.The room is established with the international phone for stirs, mini bar, satellite television, Internet connection.We provide in 24 hours to send the meal and wash dress service for you.

    Jingmin North Bay Hotel - Xiamen Map Jingmin North Bay Hotel - Xiamen    
    Jingmin North Bay Hotel - Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 119.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 119.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 145.00 USDBook

    Railway Station Xiamen North Railway Station 10.88 km Airport Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport 10.51 km Railway Station Xiamen Railway Station 20 km - The Xiamen Jingmin North Bay Hotel (Xiamen Jingmin Beihaiwan Jiudian) is within easy access to Jimei University and College Village and Jiageng Park. An eight-minute drive sees guests to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport.

    Xiamen Sansiro Hotel Map Xiamen Sansiro Hotel    
    Xiamen Sansiro Hotel
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Preferential Room 39.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 59.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 61.00 USDBook

    Distance from Gulang Island:18 minutes' drive; Distance from the international exhibition center:15 minutes' drive; Distance from the airport of Xiamen:15 minutes' drive; Distance from the railway stataion:10 minutes' drive; - Xiamen Sansiro Hotel is equipped with recreation center, conference room, gym and membership clubs. The Hotel has varying types of Chinese and Western restaurants, lobby bar, Dongyang food. The hotel offers room service for 24 hours, laundry and ironing service, beauty and hairdressingservices,currency exchange, tourist inquiry, postal service in the reception to provide friends at home and abroad on business relaxing and perfect environment.

    Royal Coast Hotel, Xiamen Map Royal Coast Hotel, Xiamen    
    Royal Coast Hotel, Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 79.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 80.00 USDBook
    Elegant Room 82.00 USDBook

    Located at the center of the Xiamen(Amoy) Island, just 3.6 kilometers to the Train Station, 6 kilometers to the International Airport, 6 kilometers to the International Exhibition Center, 10 kilometers to the Gulang Island. Buses No. 3, 85, 34, 36, 39, 46, 81, 98, 105, 108, 805, 508, 525, 621, 518, 526, 202, 530, 96, 23, 45, 505, 73 pass the hotel, and the new transportation backbone the Cheng Gong Road is right beside the hotel. - Royal Coast Hotel is one of the most elegant deluxe hotels in the city. 100 well appointed specious rooms are stylishly decorated and have broadband internet access, and the hotel also has an extensive range of meetings and banquet facilties, offeringrefined southern hospitality in a contemporary setting, providing an excellent base for business and leisure travelers.

    Xiamen Mandarin Hotel Map Xiamen Mandarin Hotel    
    Xiamen Mandarin Hotel
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Tianfeng Superior Twin Room 97.00 USDBook
    Tianfeng Superior Big Bed Room 97.00 USDBook
    Tianfeng Superior Twin Room 103.00 USDBook

    Distance from city center: 5km, distance from airport: 4.5km, distance from railway station: 6.2km. The view around: sea turtle park, Huli park, Shuishang paradise. - The hotel is in close proximity to the Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Xiamen Port and Xiangyu Free Trade Zone. Haicang Bridge and Xiamen Bridge connects the hotel to Haicang Industrial Zone and Jimei Industrial Zone.

    Golden Bridge Garden Hotel - Xiamen Map Golden Bridge Garden Hotel - Xiamen    
    Golden Bridge Garden Hotel - Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Elegant Big Bed Room (no window) 71.00 USDBook
    Elaborate Big Bed Room 71.00 USDBook
    Elegant Twin Room 74.00 USDBook

    9km from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport; 4km from Xiamen Railway Station; 7.5km from The ferry of Downtown Zhongshan Road; - The Golden Bridge Garden Hotel (Xiamen Jinqiao Huayuan Jiudian) is located at Century Golden Bridge Cultural Industrial Park, close to Haicang Bridge and facing Xianyue Mountain. It is 9 kilometers from Gaoqi International Airport.

    Xiamen Jinmin Central Hotel Map Xiamen Jinmin Central Hotel    
    Xiamen Jinmin Central Hotel
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Standard Room 86.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 99.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 137.00 USDBook

    Adjacent to the Municipal Government, Business Center and famous scenic spots such as Gulangyu Island, only 7.5km from Gaoqi International airport - Welcome to Jingmin Central Hotel, honored 5-star diamond award by 'The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences'. Enjoy Complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle service and pick-up service for Wutong ferry, Heping ferry ( reserved advance). High-speed Internet access and wireless are also free for our guests.

    Xiamen Heyijia Garoen Hotel) Map Xiamen Heyijia Garoen Hotel)    
    Xiamen Heyijia Garoen Hotel)
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    VIP Big Bed Room 54.00 USDBook
    VIP Twin Room 54.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 59.00 USDBook

    To city center: 3km, To railway station: 7km, To airport: 25km, To Exhibition Centre: 17km, To the port: 3km, To the seaside: 1km, To the long-distance bus station: 10km. Surrounding landscape: Overseas Chinese Museum, South Putuo, Xiamen University, Huli Mountain Emplacement. - Xiamen hilford hotel has its perfect location, no matter for culture or geography. It locates at the neighbor of Xiamen History Museum, Xiamen University and Lujiang institute and faces to the famous Gulangyu scenery area and attractive ring island area, 5 minutes drive to Xiamen central business district and Zhongshan Road commercial center, only 20 minutes drive to Gaoqi International Airport and International conference & exhibition center.

    Gulang Villa Hotel Xiamen Map Gulang Villa Hotel Xiamen    
    Gulang Villa Hotel Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Standard Room 91.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 91.00 USDBook
    Premier Twin Room 120.00 USDBook

    It is located about 17kms from the airport and 8kms from the railway station. - Xiamen Gulang Villa is villa Hotel managed by Fujian China Travel Hotel Management Co.,Ltd.The hotel is located in the scenic island of Gulangyu,sits on a natural sandy bathing beach."Gulang stone",essence of the soul for Gulangyu,stands at the entrance to the hotel,ingeniously combines Mountain View,sea,tree together with unique villa-style buildings.

    Xiamen Hua Xia Hotel Map Xiamen Hua Xia Hotel    
    Xiamen Hua Xia Hotel
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Preferential Room 36.00 USDBook
    Superior Business Big Bed Room 54.00 USDBook
    Superior Standard Twin Room 54.00 USDBook

    It loactes in city center, about 9.4km from the hotel to Xiamen Airport. About 5km to the bund. Walking distance to the railway station and bus station. The view around: Wanshi plant park, Bailu continent square. - The hotel is only minutes to the airport. The hotel's unique location and convenience naturally makes it a superior choice for discening business and leisure travelers.

    Xiamen Hoagie Hotel Map Xiamen Hoagie Hotel     Wireless Internet
    Xiamen Hoagie Hotel
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room(No window) 45.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 53.00 USDBook
    Executive Room 56.00 USDBook

    The hotel is located in No.1301-1309 Heshan Road, Huli district administrative center, adjacent to Huli Torch High-tech Park, 10 minutes' walking from TBK commercial center / Fang Lake passenger station, 5 minutes' driving from the airport and SM city square, 10 minutes' driving from train station and Wutong International Dock, 15 minutes' driving from international convention center, 20 minutes' driving from ferry, the traffic is very convenient. - Xiamen Hoagie Hotel is invested by Hongkong Hoagie international investment company, operated and managed by Hoagie (China) investment management company. Every moment in Xiamen Hoagie Hotel, we will provide you a convenient, personalized, high standard service. The hospitable Xiamen Hoagie Hotel is your first choice of residence.

    Shanshui Hotel, Xiamen Map Shanshui Hotel, Xiamen    
    Shanshui Hotel, Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Deluxe Twin Room 50.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Sightseeing Room 53.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Big Bed Room 55.00 USDBook

    17km to downtown, 14.3km to railway station, 10km to airport, 19km to exhibition center, 16km to harbor, 1.5km to coach station - Shanshui Hotel is situated in Jimei Scenic Area, the heart of Jimei School Village, only 6 kilometers from the airport.

    Xiamen Keyun Hotel Map Xiamen Keyun Hotel    
    Xiamen Keyun Hotel
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Business Big Bed Room 35.00 USDBook
    Business Twin Room 41.00 USDBook
    Business Triple Room 44.00 USDBook

    - 1 km to Xiamen Railway Station; - 1 km to International Trading Building; - 3 km to SM City Plaza; - 4 km to Zhongshan Park (west gate); - 5 minutes'walk to Mingfa Commercial Plaza; - 9 km to Huli Ancient Fortress; - 9 km to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. - The Keyun Hotel (Keyun Dajiudian) is located in the Jinghua Building, at the intersection of Xiahe Road and Banwei Road of Siming District, close to the World Trade International Trade Town, Wal-Mart Shopping Mall and Xiamen International Trading Building. It is 9 kilometers to Gaoqi International Airport.

    Plaza Hotel - Xiamen Map Plaza Hotel - Xiamen    
    Plaza Hotel - Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Executive Twin Room 65.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 65.00 USDBook
    Executive Big Bed Room With computer 70.00 USDBook

    20 km from Airport Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport; 0.1km from Railway Station Xiamen Railway Station; 6km from Zhongshan Road. - The Xiamen Plaza (Dongnanya Dajiudian) is conveniently located just five minutes on foot from the city's International Exhibition Center, 5 km (3.5 mi) from the international airport and 2 km (1.2 mi) from the railway station.

    Hoiyue International Hotel - Xiamen Map Hoiyue International Hotel - Xiamen    
    Hoiyue International Hotel - Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Fine large bed room 83.00 USDBook
    Fine large bed room 83.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 85.00 USDBook

    Airport Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport 7.81 km Railway Station Xiamen Railway Station 2.27 km - Located in the Xiamen special economic zone, the Hoiyue Hotel Xiamen (Kaiyu Guoji Dajiudian) is a mere 2 kilometers from Xiamen Railway Station. Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is only a 15 minute drive from the hotel.

    Marcopolo Hotel ,Xiamen Map Marcopolo Hotel ,Xiamen    
    Marcopolo Hotel ,Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Deluxe City-view Big Bed Room 128.00 USDBook
    Deluxe City-view Twin Room 128.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Lake-View Twin Room 146.00 USDBook

    Marco Polo Xiamen is located 15 minutes from the airport (by taxi) and it is in walking distance to the famous shopping district of Zonghshan. Local attractions like the Nanputuo Temple and Xiamen Culture and Arts Centre are reachable within 10 – 15 minutes by car. Other attractions can be reached in an average time of half hour. Distance from the airport ( Km ):12.1 Distance from the railway station ( Km ):5.3 - Marco Polo Xiamen uniquely blends the grace of ancient China with today's modernity. It is the best address for a business traveller- a home away from home with legendary hospitality and personalised service.

    Jinwei Hotel Xiamen Map Jinwei Hotel Xiamen    
    Jinwei Hotel Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 89.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 89.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Business Twin Room 102.00 USDBook

    To city center: 2km, to railway station: 0.1km, to internation airport: 14km. - Jinwei Hotel is situated at Xiahe Road, the financial and business center of Xiamen, about 4km from the railway station. There are 150 guestrooms, all with free broadband Internet acess, VOD system, central air conditioning, satellite TV channels, private safe, IDD/DDD telephone,and mini-bar etc.

    Seashine Hotel, Xiamen Map Seashine Hotel, Xiamen     Wireless Internet
    Seashine Hotel, Xiamen
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 76.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 76.00 USDBook
    Standard Big Bed Room 85.00 USDBook

    The hotel is located at Xiahe Road, the heart of the Xiamen city, with convenient public transport networks and bus rapid transit system which will facilitate you travel. to city center:0km, to railway station:0.3km, to airport:12.3km, to Hubin station:2.1km - Xiamen Seashine Hotel is located in the city's economic, political, and financial hub with easy access to commercial and entertainment areas, major transport junctions and major tourist attractions. It merely takes you about 20 minutes from the hotel to the airport, 5 minutes to railway station, and 8 minutes to Gulang Island by taxi.

    Xiamen International Airport Garden Hotel Map Xiamen International Airport Garden Hotel     Wireless Internet
    Xiamen International Airport Garden Hotel
    Type of Room2017- Price/Room
    Business Garden Twin Room 85.00 USDBook
    Business City-View Twin Room 85.00 USDBook
    Executive Aviation Room 89.00 USDBook

    To airport: 1.6km To railway station: 10km To downtown: 18km To exhibition center: 15km - International Airport Garden Hotel is a commercial hotel located to the right of the International Airport Waiting Building. It is abuts to many tourism attractions. The distance from the hotel to downtown is 10 minutes. International Airport Garden Hotel offers considered service.

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