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    Qingdao is one of China's most popular coastal resorts. The city is situated on the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula overlooking the Yellow Sea. Located about 400 km. (250 mi.) southeast of Beijing, with a population of close to 2 million, Qingdao is also a major seaport as well as the most important industrial center in Shandong Province.
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    Qingdao District Hotels: Chengyang Huangdao Jiaonan Jiaozhou Laoshan Licang Shibei Shinan Sifang

    Debao Garden Hotel, Qingdao Map Debao Garden Hotel, Qingdao    
    Debao Garden Hotel, QingdaoThe Debao Garden hotel is situated right in the center of Qingdao city, just 33kms from the Qingdao Airport and 10kms from the railway station. It is also only 3-minutes walking to the seashore and Sculpture Garden, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach scene and unique architectural style. - This is a 4-star level luxury resort and conference center located in in Qingdao, It is also only 3-minutes walking to the seashore and Sculpture Garden, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach scene and unique architectural style.

    Qingdao Santiago Hotel Map Qingdao Santiago Hotel    
    Qingdao Santiago HotelIs apart from the airport 30 kilometers, is apart from the train station 1 kilometer, is apart from the wharf 1.5 kilometers, is apart from the town center 1 kilometer, is apart from the seashore 0 kilometers - Qingdao Santiago Hotel is touches on foreign affairs three-star the hotel, is located goes sightseeing the area in the Qingdao famous traveling, is on Daocheng coastline adds the finishing touch the best quality goods.

    Qingdao Sunny World Hotel Map Qingdao Sunny World Hotel    
    Qingdao Sunny World Hotel30 kilometers from Liuting International Airport, 35 minutes-drive. 12 kilometers from the railway station, 15 minutes-drive - The Sunny World Hotel (Qingdao Yangguang Xindi Dajiudian) is located near the Olympic Sailing Center in the Shinan district of Qingdao. Nearby attractions include the Yangguang department store, Wusi Square, Maikaile and Dongtai Jiashike shopping centers.

    Donghai Hotel, Qingdao Map Donghai Hotel, Qingdao    
    Donghai Hotel, QingdaoTo the airport: 50km, about 50 minutes driving distance To the railway station: 10km To the exhibition center: 40km, about 40 minutes driving distance To the port: 20km, about 30 minutes driving distance To the long-distance bus station: 16km, about 30 minutes driving distance Surroundings: Badaguan Scenery Area, No 2 Beach, Zhongshan Park - The Donghai Hotel is located in the Badaguan Scenic Area where the No 1 and No 2 Beach nearby. There are 370 guest rooms and suites in the hotel, all with beautiful sea view. Facilities in room include DDD/IDD telephones, satellite television and central air-conditioning. Room service is available on request.

    Zhiyuanlou Hotel, Qingdao Map Zhiyuanlou Hotel, Qingdao    
    Zhiyuanlou Hotel, QingdaoTo the airport: 40km To Sifang Railway Station: 7.9km To downtown: 2km -

    Grand Regency Hotel, Qingdao Map Grand Regency Hotel, Qingdao    
    Grand Regency Hotel, QingdaoDistance from City center :2 kilometres from the railway station:10kilometres from Airport :33kilometres from exhibition center:8 kilometres - The first 5-star hotel in the Shandong Province of China.

    Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, Qingdao Map Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, Qingdao    
    Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, QingdaoDistance from the airport:40km Distance from downtown: 5km - Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, designed by a famous Germany architect, was established in 1911 and was known as " the best hotel in Asia" . Redecorated in 2007, the hotel restored its exotic flavor.

    Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao Map Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao    
    Shangri-La Hotel, QingdaoDistance from city center: 0km, distance from railway station: 7km, from airport: 32km, from exhibition: 12km, from port: 12km, from long distance bus station: 12km. - Close to many of Qingdao's stunning beaches, parks, and museums.

    China Ocean University Academic Exchange Center Map China Ocean University Academic Exchange Center    
    China Ocean University Academic Exchange CenterAway from city center:4km Away from train station:2km Away from airport:30km Away from long-distance bus station:5km Away from Seaside: 1km Away from exhibit center:15km - China Ocean University Academic Exchange Center is located inside of the university. The location is convenient and the surrounding is elegant. China Ocean University Academic Exchange Center owns 140 sets of guest rooms including deluxe rooms, business suites, standard rooms. The rooms are comfortable and bright. You can see mountains and sea in the rooms. All the rooms are equipped with TV. The Hotel owns 4 different size of conference room which can meet various needs. The deluxe mitli-function room is equipped with complete facilities.

    Eagle Canyon Hotel, Qingdao Map Eagle Canyon Hotel, Qingdao    
    Eagle Canyon Hotel, QingdaoTo downtown: 7km To Qingdao Liuting International Airport: 38km To Qingdao Railway Station: 0.5km To Sifang Railway Station: 7.5km - As a four-star comprehensive hotel, Qingdao Eagle Canyon Wanyi Hotel is situated in a beautiful scenic spot in Qingdao City, being adjacent to the booming commercial area and at the eastern side of Qingdao Railway Station Square, with stretching coastline scenic spots in the east and a glittering boundless sea in the south. It is superiorly located in a circle formed by Zhanqiao Scenic Spot, Little Qingdao, Catholic Church, former mansion of German Viceroy and other famous tourist attractions. It takes only 3 minutes to walk from this hotel to the fascinating beach and the symbol landscape in Qingdao—Zhanqiao Bridge and takes only 5 minutes to Zhongshan Road—a renowned hundred-year commercial street in Qingdao, featuring high accessibility.

    Housing International Hotel Qingdao Map Housing International Hotel Qingdao    
    Housing International Hotel QingdaoTo the airport: 37 kms To the railway station: 12 kms To dowmtown: 0.5 kms Zhongshan Road Commercial Street 4 km Wusi Square 0.5 km - Qingdao Housing International Hotel Opened in 2007, located on the symbolic road of Qingdao, Hong Kong Middle Road, right in the heart of Qingdao's central governmental district and central business district, The hotel is a new hotel pattern that combines the characteristics of personal mansion and high-class hotel. There are 170 guestrooms in the Sophia, including 38 suites.

    Milan Fashion Hotel,Qingdao Map Milan Fashion Hotel,Qingdao    
    Milan Fashion Hotel,QingdaoFrom Liuting International Airport: 18 km From the Sifang railway station: 13 km From the Qingdao Railway Station: 10 km From the Wusi Square: 4 km Ambience: Jusco Shopping Centre, Mackay Le Shopping Centre, Qingdao University, Shinan District Government, Yunxiao Road Food Street - The Milan Fashion Hotel (Milan Fengshang Jiudian) is a business and leisure hotel in Qingdao. Located at the busy east section and CBD, the hotel has convenient location and deluxe facilities.

    Haitian e home business hotel Map Haitian e home business hotel     Wireless Internet
    Haitian e home business hotelFrom the airport about 30 minutes by car from the railway station about 10 minutes - Haitian e home business hotel is a chain business hotel overall managed by the Qingdao Haitian Hotel Management Group.Hotel follow a unified brand, systems, technical service standards for each customer to provide a warm, comfortable feeling of home.

    The Castle Boutique Hotel Map The Castle Boutique Hotel    
    The Castle Boutique HotelTo Liuting International airport: 33km To Wusi Square: 8km To Zhongshan Road: 2km To zhanqiao railway station: 1.5km - Clearsea Arts Hotel Qingdao is with German William architecture style. It is a rare German classic courtyard hotel. In its long history, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping and other leaders have all stayed here.

    Copthorne Hotel Qingdao Map Copthorne Hotel Qingdao    
    Copthorne Hotel QingdaoDistance from the city center:0km; Distance from the railway station :8.8km; Distance from the airport:33km; Distance from the exhibition center:5km; Distance from the port:9km; Distance from the long distance bus staion:8km; Surroundings: East Developing Zone, Wusi Square, Carrefour, JUSCO, the municipal government - All hotel's facilities are designed with the modern executive in mind, while not forgetting the leisure traveller. The hotel commands the best location in the city center of Qingdao.

    Xindong Hotel, Qingdao Map Xindong Hotel, Qingdao    
    Xindong Hotel, Qingdao- 2km to Wusi Plaza; - 10km to Qingdao Railway Station; - 9km to Sifang Railway Station; - 32km to Liuting Airport. - Opened in 2000, renovated in 2006, Qingdao Xindong Hotel is located in the busy commercial and business trading center of Qingdao Fuzhou South Raod, with convenient location. The 8-storey hotel has 96 guestrooms and suites, equipped with full facilities.

    Oceanwide Elite Hotel Qingdao Map Oceanwide Elite Hotel Qingdao    
    Oceanwide Elite Hotel QingdaoThe Oceanwide Elite Hotel is located 35-kilometers from the airport, 0.5 kilometer from the railway station, and 2kms from the city center. - The Hotel is located in the most beautiful Zhanqiao Pier scenic zone of Qingdao.

    Qingdao Haiqing Hotel Map Qingdao Haiqing Hotel    
    Qingdao Haiqing HotelThe Haiqing Hotel (Haiqing dajiudian) is a four star hotel located on the Donghai Road, one of Qingdao's famous coastal roads. The hotel is about 30km to the airport and 10km to the railway station. - The hotel is about 30km to the airport and 10km to the railway station.

    Seaview Garden Hotel Qingdao Map Seaview Garden Hotel Qingdao    
    Seaview Garden Hotel QingdaoLocated within easy reach of the d - Located at the oceanfront of the sea, it's a 5-star hotel that caters to international guests.

    Qingdao Hotel Map Qingdao Hotel    
    Qingdao HotelIt is in the city center, 15 km (15-min-drive) to the railway station; 20 km (20-min-drive) to the airport; 10 km (10-min-drive) to the exhibition center; 20 km (20-min-drive) to the Port; 10 km (10-min-drive) to the coach station. - Established in 1932 and renovated in 2004, Qingdao Hotel is located at the busy Hongkong middle Road of Qingdao, close to sail boat competition plaza of 2008 Olympic Games. The hotel was once rewarded "Chinese famous restaurant", "National green enterprise" and so on.

    Qingdao Dongfang Fangkong Hotel Map Qingdao Dongfang Fangkong Hotel    
    Qingdao Dongfang Fangkong Hotel- 20-min-drive to Railway Station; - 40-min-drive to Airport; - 10-min-drive to Exhibition Center; - 20-min-drive to Port; - Qingdao Eastern Air Hotel is located at the center of politics, economic and culture, about 20-min-drive to city center and railway station.

    Qingdao Haiyang Hotel Map Qingdao Haiyang Hotel    
    Qingdao Haiyang Hotel-2km to the downtown and Wusi Square; -7km to Zhongshan Road Business Street; -10km to Qingdao Railway Station; -45km to Qingdao Liuting International Airport. - The Haiyang Hotel (Haiyang Binguan) is located at the zone near Shandong Road, Jiangxi Road, Nanjing Road and Ningxia Road, close to Hisense Shopping Plaza.

    Qingdao Beihai Hotel Map Qingdao Beihai Hotel    
    Qingdao Beihai HotelDistance to city center: 1km Distance to railway station: 8km Distance to airport: 25km - Beihai Hotel, one of the earliest and largest four-star hotels in Shandong province, is located in the beautiful and famous seaside travel area as well as the political, economic, financial and cultural center in Qingdao. Facing the sea in the south and the municipal government in the east, Beihai Hotel shares a road with the Trade Center and is near large-scaled shopping malls, Wusi Square, and Music Square. Beihai Hotel is 6 km and 8 km far from the railway station and Qingdao Port respectively. The airport is 25 km to the north.

    Qingdao Shanfu Hotel Map Qingdao Shanfu Hotel    
    Qingdao Shanfu HotelDistance to airport: 25 km Distance to railway station: 7.6 km Distance to downtown: 1.5 km Surrounding: Seaside, Wu Si Square, Music Square, Jusco shopping center, World Trade Center. - The Sanfod Hotel (Shandong Shanfu Dajiudian) is situated in the eastern part of Qingdao. The 21-story building contains more than 110 comfortable guestrooms and suites, all equipped with air conditioning, IDD phones, satellite TV and a mini bar.

    Community Art and Culture Hotel Map Community Art and Culture Hotel    
    Community Art and Culture Hotel-7 km away from Qingdao Railway Station; -30 km away from Qingdao Liuting Airport; -0 km from city centre; Nearby Landmark: municipal government, the May Fourth Square Nearby bus station: Fuzhou Road Station stop, Institute of Marine Geology station stop; 218, 32, 222, 312 etc. Airport shuttle bus: Institute of Marine Geology Station - Qingdao CHINA community culture and art hotel is art and cultural theme leisure community with harmony without Sameness and classical interpretation of the modern.

    Hengrui Zhizun International Hotel - Qingdao Map Hengrui Zhizun International Hotel - Qingdao    
    Hengrui Zhizun International Hotel - Qingdao - The Qingdao International Hotel Apartment Hengrui Supreme (Qingdao Hengrui Zhizun Guoji Jiudian Gongyu) is located close to the central business district and therefore guests enjoy easy access to the local transportation network.

    Super 8 Hotel Ningxia Road - Qingdao Map Super 8 Hotel Ningxia Road - Qingdao    
    Super 8 Hotel Ningxia Road - Qingdao - Situated in central business district, near Olympic Sailing Center, the Super 8 Hotel (Qingdao Ningxia Road) (Suba Jiudian Qingdao Ningxia Lu) features convenient transportation for guests.

    Super 8 Hotel Qingdao train station Guizhou Road Map Super 8 Hotel Qingdao train station Guizhou Road    
    Super 8 Hotel Qingdao train station Guizhou RoadRailway Station Qingdao Railway Station 1.5 km Airport Qingdao Liuting International Airport 29.52 km Downtown May 4th Square 1.1 km - Located in downtown city, near Qingdao Railway Station and Zhanqiao Scenic Area, the Super 8 Hotel (Qingdao Railway Station) (Suba Jiudian Qingdao Huochezhan) features convenient transportation to some attractions such as Piano Island, Naval Museum and Catholic Church. Qingdao Liuting International Airport is a 40-minute drive.

    Litian Hotel - Qingdao Map Litian Hotel - Qingdao    
    Litian Hotel - QingdaoRailway Station Qingdao Railway Station 6.45 km Downtown May 4th Square 5 km - Qingdao's Litian Hotel (Litian Dajiudian), located in the city's newly developed commercial and shopping district, is convenient to the popular Number One Beach, the airport (about half an hour) and train station (about fifteen minutes).

    Overseas Chinese International Hotel - Qingdao Map Overseas Chinese International Hotel - Qingdao    
    Overseas Chinese International Hotel - QingdaoRailway Station Qingdao Railway Station 8.54 km Airport Qingdao Liuting International Airport 33 km Downtown May 4th Square 0.5 km - The Overseas Chinese International Hotel (Qingdao Huaqiao Guoji Fandian) is located in Qingdao's central business district and is within easy reach of the municipal office as well as the Olympic Sailing Center.

    Mengzhichuan Business Hotel - Qingdao Map Mengzhichuan Business Hotel - Qingdao    
    Mengzhichuan Business Hotel - QingdaoRailway Station Qingdao Railway Station 4.28 km Airport Qingdao Liuting International Airport 50 km Government Office/School/Hospital Local Government Area 8 km Downtown May 4th Square 8 km Road/Landmark Zhongshan Road 3 km - Located by the beautiful Huiquan Bay, the Ideal Ship Business Hotel (Mengzhichuan Guoji Jiudian) is only a five-minute drive from No.1 Bathing Beach and Badaguan Scenic Resort.

    Ibis Hotel Ningxia Road - Qingdao Map Ibis Hotel Ningxia Road - Qingdao    
    Ibis Hotel Ningxia Road - QingdaoRailway Station Qingdao Railway Station 20 km Airport Qingdao Liuting International Airport 40 km Road/Landmark Zhongshan Road 20 km - The Qingdao Ningxia Ibis (Qingdao Ningxia Yibisi Jiudian) Hotel is situated on Ningxia Road, near rt-mart and Zhonglian Square.

    Xing'an Hotel - Qingdao Map Xing'an Hotel - Qingdao    
    Xing'an Hotel - Qingdao - The Qingdao Xingan Hotel (Qingdao Xing'an Dajiudian) is located on Rudong Road, Qingdao.This Qingdao hotel offers well-appointed rooms equipped with air conditioners, mini bars and electric kettles. Guests dining in at the hotel have plenty of menus to choose from as the hotel houses no less than nine restaurants. Business travelers are also well served by the multifunctional hall and four conference rooms on premises

    Zhongfang Hotel - Qingdao Map Zhongfang Hotel - Qingdao    
    Zhongfang Hotel - QingdaoRailway Station Qingdao Railway Station 7.02 km Airport Qingdao Liuting International Airport 27.34 km - Located in new central business district, the Qingdao Zhongfang Grand Hotel (Qingdao Zhongfang Dajiudian) is a 15 minute drive from Qingdao Railway Station. Qingdao Liuting International Airport and Laoshan Mountain scenic spot are accessible within 40 minutes by car.

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