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GuangZhouHotels location classification
  • Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou

  • Chinese Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex

  • Guangzhou Train Station

  • Guangzhou East Train Station(TianHe District)

  • Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport

  • Pearl River

  • Green Xiguan Dawu Community

  • Shamian Scenic Spot

  • Tianhe Staium

  • Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

  • Baiyun Scenic Spot

  • Yuexiu Park

  • Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park

  • Xiaozhou Village of Guangzhou

  • Guangzhou Culture Park

  • Zhenhai Tower

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral (Seksat Church)

  • Sun Island Amusement Park

  • Nanhu Amusement Park

  • Nanyue King Tomb Museum

  • Guangzhou Opera House

  • Canton Tower Guangzhou TV Tower

  • Lotus Hill

  • CITIC Plaza

  • South China Botanical Garden

  • Guangdong Provincial Museum

  • Statue of Five Goats

  • Temple of Six Banyan Trees

  • Chimelong Paradise Park

  • Beijing Road Business Zone

  • Jiangnan Business Zone

  • Business Zone, Renming Road

  • Business Zone of Shangxiajiu Road

  • Bars in Binjiang Lu

  • Bars in Huanshi Lu

  • Bars in Bai'e Tan

  • Qingping Market

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    Guangzhou (long known in the West as Canton) is the capital of Guangdong Province and the most important industrial and foreign trade center in south China. This steamy, subtropical metropolis, with its graygreen hues, lush parks, boisterous atmosphere, and world-famous cuisine, has an aura that is unique among China's large cities.
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    GuangZhou District Hotels: Baiyun Conghua Haizhu Huadu Huangpu Liwan Luogang Nansha Panyu Tianhe Yuexiu Zengcheng

    Guangdong Tianhao Hotel Map Guangdong Tianhao Hotel    
    Guangdong Tianhao Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Single Room 49.00 USDBook
    Superior single room 52.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin room 52.00 USDBook

    from the Pazhou Pavilion 5 minutes by car, east from Tianhe City Shopping Centre and Sports Centre City Shopping Centre and 10 minutes drive, from the CITIC Plaza and Guangzhou East Railway Station 12 minutes by car. - Guangdong Tianhao hotel is a large commerce and leisure one-stop hotel, it take " the water culture, the running water keeping in good health" as a subject .The hotel catchment treatment, health care, massage rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, chess & sign, peace and happiness is a body, management area nearly 200, 000 surface feet, invest over a billion Yuan, by the well-known leisure hotel designer the hotel which makes carefully according to four star-level standards, which makes carefully according to four star-level standards by the well-known designer.

    Desense Hotel Guang Dong Map Desense Hotel Guang Dong    
    Desense Hotel Guang Dong
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Garden-View Room 46.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Garden-View Room 46.00 USDBook
    Executive Room 56.00 USDBook

    Away from the city center: 5 KM; Away from the railway station:25 KM; Away from the airport: 28 KM - The hotel owns 260 sets of deluxe guest rooms. It is designed by European master. All the guest rooms are equipped with internet access.

    Guangzhou Xuelong Hotel Map Guangzhou Xuelong Hotel    
    Guangzhou Xuelong Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Single Room 66.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Single Room 71.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 75.00 USDBook

    To the Guangzhou Railway Station East: 3km, about 7 minutes drive To the Guangzhou International Convention Exhibition Center: 3km, about 7 minutes drive To the Guangzhou Railway station: 10km, about 15 minutes drive To Baiyu Airport: 50km, about 40 minutes drive - Guangzhou Xuelong Hotel, a Three-star business-economy hotel for domestic and oversea businessmen, is located in Tianhe district, the new centre of economy and culture of Guangzhou, adjacent to Guangzhou East Railway Station, KCRC and Tianhe Sports Center.The largest shopping heaven, Teem Plaza and Grand Mall convenient to transportation, it is only 10 minutes to Guangzhou Convention Exhibition Center and 40 minutes to New Baiyun Airport.

    Yinhaigang Hotel, Guangzhou Map Yinhaigang Hotel, Guangzhou     Wireless Internet
    Yinhaigang Hotel, Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe big bed Room 24.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 24.00 USDBook

    Downtown Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street 5 km Railway Station Guangzhou East Railway Station 1.2 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 35 km - The Yinhaigang Hotel (Guangzhou Yinhaigang Binguan) is located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou. Nearby attractions include the Tianhe shopping center, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou Zoo, East Railway Station and Beijing Road shopping area. It is about 40 kilometers from Baiyun International Airport.

    Zhengjia Hotel - Guangzhou Map Zhengjia Hotel - Guangzhou    
    Zhengjia Hotel - Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Superior Big Bed Room 43.00 USDBook

    Downtown Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street 30 km Railway Station Guangzhou East Railway Station 20 km Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station 40 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 40 km - Guangzhou Zhengjia Hotel is located in New World Plaza (Exit C of the No.3 Line of Tonghe Subway), No.6, Beixiegang, Guangzhou Avenue. Designed in line with the national standard for four-star hotels, Zhengjia Hotel is a high-grade business (chain) hotel integrating lodging, meeting and shopping under Zhengjia Hotel Co., Ltd. It is merely 30-minute drive from Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and 20-minute drive from the new Baiyun International Airport. With New World Plaza, Grandbuy Department Store, Modern Shopping Center, Jusco and Trust-Mart near at hand, Zhengjia Hotel enjoys an advantaged geographic position.

    Guangzhou Fu Hao Hotel Map Guangzhou Fu Hao Hotel    
    Guangzhou Fu Hao Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Single Room 40.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Single Room 47.00 USDBook
    Business Twin Room 57.00 USDBook

    Distance from city center(yuexiu area): 1.04km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):4.24km; distance from railway station: 3.55km, distance from east railway station:7.51km; distance from new baiyun airport:28.27km; distance from pazhou exhibition:12.42km, distance from liuhua exhibition:2.86km - The Hotel is located near central Guangzhou, near the Beijing Road shopping area.

    Guangzhou YueHai Hotel Map Guangzhou YueHai Hotel    
    Guangzhou YueHai Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Suite(Big Bed) 141.00 USDBook

    Away from the airport: 43km Away from the railway station: 9km Away from the downtown: 1km - Guangzhou YueHai Hotel is established according to the standard of four-star business hotel. Designed by academician Mo Bozhi, the hotel is located in Shamian Island, the national cultural heritage reservation as well as tourist attraction. Not only does Customs Hotel be named as the best place for inhabitation but it is regarded as the base for politicians. Since the American Consul and the Poland consul are located in the same street as well, the hotel is the best choice for those who apply for visa and oversea study.

    YiHe Hotel, Guangzhou(Ocean Plaza Apartment) Map YiHe Hotel, Guangzhou(Ocean Plaza Apartment)    
    YiHe Hotel, Guangzhou(Ocean Plaza Apartment)
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Superior Twin Room 53.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 68.00 USDBook
    Superior Big Bed Room 68.00 USDBook

    Distance from city center(yuexiu area): 3.42km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):3.47km; distance from railway station: 5.08km, distance from east railway station:7.8km; distance from new baiyun airport:29.69km; distance from pazhou exhibition:11.61km, distance from liuhua exhibition:4.23km Distance from Subway Line 5 Quzhuang Station: 3 minutes walking Distance from Subway Line 5 line Taojin Station: 5 minutes walking - The YIHE HOTEL is original OCEAN PLAZA. It is a multifunctional building which concentrates on business, living, office, lordly located at the east Huanshi road, which is known as the central district of Guangzhou. And it is a golden section where is the finance shopping and commercial center and the pivot of the transportation and network.

    Longquan Hotel,Guangzhou Map Longquan Hotel,Guangzhou     Wireless Internet
    Longquan Hotel,Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Twin Room 39.00 USDBook
    Standard Room 39.00 USDBook
    VIP Twin Room 46.00 USDBook

    Away from Guangzhou train station:35km(Away from Guangzhou east trainstation:30km) Away from city center:35km Away from Fanyu government 1km Surroundings: Yifa Walking Street, No. 3 city Station, Baiyue Square, Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 10 Minutes by car. Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 5 Minutes by car. - The transportation of the hotel is convenient. There is 70km from the hotel to Guangzhou Baiyun airport, 15km to the Guangzhou Bayi Exhibit center, 10km to Fanyu changlong scenery spot, 10km to the Lotus port, 25km to Nansha port, 600m to Guangzhou No.3 city metro.

    HuangPu Hotel ,Guangzhou Map HuangPu Hotel ,Guangzhou    
    HuangPu Hotel ,Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Preferential Room 29.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 30.00 USDBook
    Standard Single Room 31.00 USDBook

    To city center: 15 kms To train station: 30 kms To airport: 60 kms To Pazhou fair: 10 kms To long-distance bus station: 2 kms - From Guangzhou Train station, Liuhua bus station to hotel just need about 20 minutes, to the main venue of the 9th National Games - the Olympic Sports Center, the Tianhe Sports Center just 10 minutes, which are easily accessible, more than 200 vehicles parked in the parking lot.

    Yeelik Hotel, Guangzhou Map Yeelik Hotel, Guangzhou    
    Yeelik Hotel, Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 24.00 USDBook
    Business Big Bed Room 24.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 29.00 USDBook

    1.5km from Line 3 Shiqiao Railway Station; 32km from Downtown Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street; 28km from Guangzhou East Railway Station; 35km from Guangzhou Railway Station; 62km from Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport; 23km from Pazhou International Exhibition Center. - Yeelik Hotel Guangzhou is a multifunctional Business Hotel integrating catering, shopping, accommodate and business. It is located in the center of Guangzhou Asian Games City (in the opposite of Panyu City bridge), adjacent to the Panyu Changlong Paradise, Xiangjiang wild zoo, Lotus Hill Tourism Zone, baomo garden and other world famous tourist attractions.

    Guangzhou He Yuan Building Map Guangzhou He Yuan Building    
    Guangzhou He Yuan Building
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 39.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 39.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 39.00 USDBook

    The hotel is excellent in location and convenient in transportation. It is north to the Guangzhou Military College and east to the Tianhe Railway Station, Zhongxin Square, subway Station and bus Station. South to the Tianhe Shopping Center and Gymnasium and West to the Guangzhou Physical College.Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 30km, Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 20km. - Guangzhou He Yuan Building is located at the central business area of Guangzhou.

    Guangzhou Hilbin Hotel, Guangzhou Map Guangzhou Hilbin Hotel, Guangzhou    
    Guangzhou Hilbin Hotel, Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Preferential Twin Room 47.00 USDBook
    Preferential Big Bed Room 52.00 USDBook
    Bunisess Twin Room 56.00 USDBook

    Distance from city center(yuexiu area): 1.84km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):4.01km; distance from railway station: 4.42km, distance from east railway station:8.95km; distance from new baiyun airport:29.45km; distance from pazhou exhibition:11.57km, distance from liuhua exhibition:3.57km - The Globelink Hotel, a state-owned enterprise, provides an all-around service enterprise. It consists of office, lodging, meeting, restaurant, business affairs, and entertainment facilities.

    East Asia Hotel ,Guangzhou Map East Asia Hotel ,Guangzhou     Wireless Internet
    East Asia Hotel ,Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Preferential Room 20.00 USDBook
    Elaborate Big Bed Room (No window) 23.00 USDBook
    Elaborate Twin Room (No window) 23.00 USDBook

    Away from train station :6km(15minutes) Away from airport :35km(45minutes) Away from exhibit center:20km(30minutes) - The hotel is located in the bank of Zhujiang and the center of Changdi. It is near the Yidelu seafood wholesale market, international toy center, stationery wholesale center. It takes only 10minutes from the hotel to Zhuhai Square. It is convenient to go shopping and entertainment.

    Yushan Holiday Hotel ,Guangzhou Map Yushan Holiday Hotel ,Guangzhou    
    Yushan Holiday Hotel ,Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Twin Room 63.00 USDBook
    Bunisess Twin Room 63.00 USDBook
    Superior Big Bed Room 144.00 USDBook

    - 400 meters to Yifa Pedestrian Street; - 1 km to Xinhai Park; - 1 km to Panyu Monument; - 36 km to Guangzhou Railway Station; - 63 km to Baiyun International Airport. - The Yushan Holiday Hotel (Guangzhou Yushan Jiudian) is located at the crossing between Huangcheng Middle Road and Dabei Road in the central Panyu District of Guangzhou, close to Yifa Pedestrian Street, Xinhai Park, Baomo Garden, Lotus Mountain, Chimelong Tourist Resort, Dafushan Forest Park and Yingdong Stadium.

    Zengcheng Hotel ,Guangzhou Map Zengcheng Hotel ,Guangzhou    
    Zengcheng Hotel ,Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Apartment Twin Room Included Two Breakfast 68.00 USDBook
    Superior Big Bed Room 74.00 USDBook
    Superior Twin Room 74.00 USDBook

    the surrounding environment:the south of mountain emotion square, Hexiangu temple, Zhengguo Buddhist temple.Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 50km, Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 60km. - Zengcheng Hotel is located at " golden corridor" of Pearl River delta, adjacent to Guangshan road, Guanghui highway, it is a foreign related hotel that synthesizes Europe-style and oriental emotion. Hotel is built in 1995, the entire area is 40, 348square meters, it synthesizes multi functional service items such as catering, living, entertainment, leisure, business trade and meeting etc, .

    ChaJiaoWan Hotel, Guangzhou Map ChaJiaoWan Hotel, Guangzhou    
    ChaJiaoWan Hotel, Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Standard Big Bed Room 40.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 41.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 50.00 USDBook

    It is close to the White Swan Hotel and Guangdong Victory Hotel. There is only 30 minutes driving away from Guangzhou Pazhou Fair; only 15 minutes to the Liuhua Fair. The traffic is so convenient that it takes only 20 minutes to go the Guangzhou Railway Station, and 40 minutes to go to the New International Airport. - ChaJiaoWan Hotel is a two-star hotel licensed by the National Tourism Administration. The hotel is 9-floor-high and has about 110 rooms, including deluxe suite, deluxe 3-person room, deluxe double-bed room and deluxe single room.

    Guangzhou Fortune Hotel Map Guangzhou Fortune Hotel    
    Guangzhou Fortune Hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Single Room 34.00 USDBook
    Standard Twin Room 36.00 USDBook
    Deluxe Twin Room 39.00 USDBook

    Distance from city center: 35km, distance from railway station: 18km, distance from airport: 45km, - Ju Fu (Fortune) Hotel has been built according to the 4 star standards. It is ideally situated in the so called " The Golden Corridor" on the corner of Linxin Road and National Route 107, Xintang, Zengcheng Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

    The Westin Guangzhou Map The Westin Guangzhou    
    The Westin Guangzhou
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Deluxe Room 168.00 USDBook
    Vitality Deluxe Room 185.00 USDBook

    Located in the heart of the business district the Tian He District, adjacent to the CITIC Plaza, high-end retail shopping and the Guangzhou East Train Station. distance from Airport: 45km. distance from Railway Station: 10km. distance from Liuhua Complex: 10km. distance from Pazhou Complex: 8km. - Located in the heart of the business district - the Tian He District, our hotel is adjacent to the CITIC Plaza, which is home to the majority of the Fortune 500 companies in Guangzhou. We are also within a short walk of high-end retail shopping and the Guangzhou East Train Station - a major access point into Guangzhou from Hong Kong.

    Guangzhou Commatel hotel Map Guangzhou Commatel hotel     Wireless Internet
    Guangzhou Commatel hotel
    Type of Room2018- Price/Room
    Business Single Room 138.00 USDBook

    Distance to Canton Fair Complex: 0.3km to PaZhou Guangzhou East train station:10KM; Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center:8KM; Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport:49KM; Guangzhou Train Station:16KM - Guangzhou YI-WU Commatel hotel is a bran-new exquisite hotel. The pattern and decoration is elegant. You can get the wonderful view of Pa-Zhou Exhibition Center and The Pearl River and Pa-Zhou Exhibition center is near at hand. The position of our hotel is on the east of Guangzhou.

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